Bursa Public Buses want to see statistics and President Altepe

Bursa Public Busman wants to speak with Mayor Altepe
Bursa has been on the agenda for a while between the Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliated Burulaş and the Chamber of Public Busers.
Public buses say that they cannot compete with Burulaş because of their costs and that they are victims.
They recently announced that they would leave Burulaş's card reading system and return to the ticket system. The metropolitan administration, on the other hand, gave the 4 alternative proposal to the public bus coaches, as it is mentioned in these columns.
There are significant improvements in the recent proposal of the Metropolitan. But as far as we can see, this was not enough.
Ramazan Umur, vice president of the Chamber of Public Busers, said in our meeting yesterday:
“Burulaş makes transportation on behalf of the municipality. So our rival. But Burulaş makes our control. Even this is unfair. ”
At this point…
Saying that Burulaş does not provide information about the number of passengers and revenue sharing carried by private public buses, he says, aç Open this cosmic room and we will learn how much passengers we carry ”.
I also have a call:
Alt We could not meet Recep Altepe from the beginning. We negotiate with bureaucrats and consultants, and no results. We want to meet the President.

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