Bursa Chamber of Public Bus Coaches launches free transport

Bursa Chamber of Public Bus Coaches launches free transport
Bursa Chamber of Private Public Busers, disputed with the Metropolitan Municipality, yesterday launched the free shipping 2 day.
The parties are negotiating and making mutual proposals, no solution. New calls started at 19: 00 the previous evening and continued for 6 hours. There's no reconciliation.
They did not do the private public bus drivers who had previously announced that they would leave the common ticket system as of yesterday and dismantle the devices.
Not expected and feared!
Private public bus drivers, who wanted to create time to be able to explain themselves to the public and to get support, maneuvered with free transportation.
Paper ticket application, postponed tomorrow. In terms of negotiating with the Metropolitan Municipality, the 48 hour was created in the hope of additional time recognition and agreement.
Although the Metropolitan Municipality has taken a step that could mean its last word, the possibility of unilateral or mutual agreement continues.
Despite the fact that there is no legal obligation to propose to persuade private public bus operators, the way and understanding of the peace is emphasized.
What will happen?
If the public bus system of the public out of the common ticket system, with the support of Istanbul's buses will be put into service.
Relevant government agencies will be called up!
The dismissal of the common ticket system, possible returns and public transport will continue to be a matter of debate, and the loss of rights due to the termination of the contract will be on the agenda. Private public bus operators are also planning to open a lawsuit against the transportation company of the Metropolitan Municipality and start a legal struggle.

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU-www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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