Bursa scrap wagon will be dumped

Bursa scrap wagon will be dumped
CHP Bursa Deputy and Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commission Member İlhan Demiröz brought the debate about the second hand vehicles purchased by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for Bursa Light Rail System (BURSARAY), which was brought to the public agenda by the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.
CHP Bursa deputy Ilhan Demiroz, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim asked to respond to the written question. İlhan Demiröz reminded the Minister of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch on the agenda of Bursa Branch and the discussions about the second buyer wagons that the Metropolitan Municipality received from the Netherlands and reminded the Minister Bİnali Yıldırım of the permission and supervision obligations of the ministry.
İlhan Demiröz asked the Minister Binali Yıldırım to accept the following:? Has your ministry approved the 30 annual vehicles purchased from Rotterdam, the Netherlands for the Light Rail System in the Netherlands? Bakan, also asked Yıldırım to answer the following questions:
I In what other cities of our country, such second-hand vehicles have been purchased / done before and today? How much do they cost?
Are there any studies to meet the needs of urban rail system from the domestic side?
Have the opinions of city stakeholders and professional chambers been taken in such large projects that concern the city? If so, what is the opinion of those concerned?
Do you think it is appropriate to buy second hand wagons in the year 30, which has completed its economic life, in the European countries, which is located in the cities that make the biggest contribution to the Gross National Product and which has the biggest contribution to the Gross National Product? Does Bursa deserve this?
In addition, the economic lives of these second-hand cars, operating costs, update and maintenance costs, and finally the cost of disposal is calculated when compared with the new or domestic produced wagons have been made? What is a profit / loss statement?
Don't you think that the domestic production will be cut off with imported purchases and will create a negative example for our domestic producers?
The use of three different brand vehicles for the Bursa light rail system; due to differences, will not it cause a high cost in terms of operation, maintenance and maintenance costs of the system with separate operation, spare parts, service and maintenance difficulties for each brand?
Do you think that Bursa and our country will return to the ikinci vehicle scrapping em after a short time by purchasing second hand vehicles from abroad for such big projects in Bursa and our country?
What is the reason why the vehicles needed are not supplied as new and domestic production?

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