Bursa Fast train will lift aircraft

Bursa Fast train will lift aircraft
Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç held an informative meeting about "Bursa's 100 Projects".
There are those who have finished.
Project prepared.
The frame has shifts.
There are supplements.
In the details of Gem Bursa's 100 laughs ğ, there are remarkable notes about Gemlik and Yenişehir.
Among those who did not leave Arinc alone at a press conference in the provincial building, Mayor Recep Altepe, Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalçın, the Head of Organization, İsmail Hakkı Edebali, who coordinated the presentation, Bursa deputies Mustafa Öztürk, Hüseyin Şahin, İsmet Su, Mustafa Kemal Şerbetçioğlu, Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Önder. Matli was there.
Other than the provincial deputy Mayor Özgen Keskin, President of the Provincial Assembly Nedim Akdemir (though he stood in the distant point), Provincial Youth Branch Chairman Suleyman Akyuz, Buyukorhan District President Bayram Cetinkaya again were among the names we can choose.
The first press conference in 2013 was sincere.
Arınç, with his humorous expression, was the reason for laughter.
During the 2011 general elections, Arınç referred to the works announced under the title of Test Bursa's 100 Project UM and referred to new projects such as the Automotive Testing Center.
Health is the area where Ak Parti is mostly criticized in Bursa.
Arinc, Samanlı'ya given great efforts to be made but at some points to the judiciary and then the health complex called Yunuseli to be done again, once again repeated.
”Place de Yunuseli“ he said.
Moreover, he said Bursa in Turkey and Europe, so health will be the base.
He focused on Izmir and Antalya competition in relation to the Health Free Zone.
Inegöl, Mudanya, Orhaneli, Keles pointed out the public hospitals.
The construction of the hospital, which was sealed in Mustafakemalpaşa, will continue and the foundation of the Karacabey State Hospital will be laid in February or March, albeit symbolically.
What Orhangazi State Hospital said about the space problem was:
Tutum The municipality has a negative attitude towards the land.
There are other hands in it.
But we have also determined an alternative place. Ama
The information given by Arınç on urban transformation, summarizing the point reached with the words "No crazy projects, we set out with projects that are on the ground" ...
Apart from the old center of Bursa, Gemlik is also a priority.
Arınç, who emphasized that Bursa would be a more accessible city by the high-speed train on Balat, was also remarkable in this context.
Cross-flight formula is aimed at reviving Yenişehir said.
He thinks that he has made an offer to the aircraft companies for this and that the suggestion that "If you fly to Bursa, you will have the right to fly there" will work ...
That is, the high-speed train will not only deliver Bursa to Ankara, but it also seems to remove the airplane from Yenisehir.
There is another role for Gemlik on the high-speed train.
It is about being a logistics base.
Thermal Museum, mountain district coal separation plant, Keles thermal, Yenişehir Automotive Test Center, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard in the land of the state hospital, Alaçam winter sports center, Uludag 12 month available for the congress and sports center to be seen in the first meeting of the year, Arçç's olympic village and irrigation dams were among the topics of Arınç's year.
Every project has a great importance for Bursa.
However, Yenişehir Airport and urban transformation issues are much more interested in Bursa.
Health and education are already among the musts.

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