Bursa Cumhuriyet Caddesi Nostalgic Tram Line

bursa nostalgic tram
Photo: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

The Bursa Cumhuriyet Street nostalgic tram line came to a 107-year dream… The 1,5-kilometer Cumhuriyet Street tram line, which was built to close Cumhuriyet Street, which passes through the historical bazaar and the Hanlar Region, to vehicle traffic, and to leave the street to pedestrians, Upon the requests, it was extended to Davutkadı. While the length of the line reached 2,2 kilometers, citizens had the opportunity to reach the bazaar and inns region without using any vehicles thanks to the tram line that extends to the Foundry Bath on İncirli Street.

Until yesterday, Cumhuriyet Avenue, where the citizens parked to the right and left of the road as well as the citizens, even on the sidewalks due to the heavy traffic, took on a contemporary appearance with the project implemented. In parallel with the increasing pedestrian traffic on the street, the commercial life in the region has started to change identity. While a significant part of the wholesalers that have been operating on Cumhuriyet Street for years have been moved from the region, Cumhuriyet Street has become the new place for banks, cafeterias and restaurants.

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