Bülent Arınç announced 100 projects that made 100 of Bursa laugh

Bülent Arınç announced 100 projects that made 100 of the scholarships laugh
Bulent Arinc announces the latest status of Bursa's 100 project
Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç stated that they made the highest investment in the field of transportation in Bursa and said, Bursa We are doing this without running the show. Every penny invested in Bursa deserves like ac milk of mother. Let's do this, and if we do, we can have fun and show together. We don't have a crazy project. There are projects on the ground. We are not limited to the 100 project. Our number of walking projects passed 160 Yürüy.
AK Party Deputy Prime Minister came together with the press members of the Provincial Directorate of Bursa and the Government SözcüBülent Arınç stated that the number of 2023 projects in the 100 project exceeds 160. Arınç started his speech by wishing TÜLSAB, Chairman of the Executive Board of South Marmara Executive Board, Mehmet Akkuş, having a traffic accident with his family in Kütahya. Before the election, what they can be done for Bursa, stated that they had previously explained Arinc, eler These are not new inventions. Some of them have projects, but expected to be realized. We wanted to explain the projects we want to bring to Bursa. There were those who said that they preferred this before the election. Some of them started to search which was crazy. We don't have a crazy project. These are the projects that stand up. Why not say 100 project, why not 400-500. There are those who say. We are not limited to the 100 project. Our number of walking projects passed 160. We didn't include many projects in 100 Pek.
Arinc, Bursa, the highest share of investment in a period of separation from the telling of telling, pay We also do without running the show. Every penny invested in Bursa deserves like every mother of milk. Let's do this, and if we do, we can have fun and show together. We promised to enact Bursa specific legislation for urban transformation project. In Bursa, the 600 bin must be demolished or strengthened from the 250 building. Bursa's earthquake zone and the problems taken in the past are the issues that have affected Bursa. At that time elections were held. There was a painful event. The Van earthquake caused a great sorrow. This project was also concern Turkey closely all of our projects. Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa specific urban transformation infrastructure was established. İstanbul
All the roads in Bursa will be crossing the record recording Arinc, said:
Or That's what it is. Until the year before 11, Bursa continues to receive the highest investments in the republic period in terms of highway standards. While 2002 has divided 201 mileage up to 11 before, we have made the 227 mileage route last 60 over the years. We've done more here in 428 years. Bursa has an 203 mileage as a divided road network. The highway project is one of the world's largest projects. We have some work here. Between Ankara and Bursa, we made the route determination in the Sivrihisar-Bursa highway project of XNUMX kilometers. We will be auctioned in the coming period. Ön
Expressing that Uludağ road will not be extended, Arınç said, genişlet We will expand Bursa-Uludağ road. We went to work on improving the road by not considering the destruction of the forest texture on the total 23 kilometer and considering the cable car project of the Metropolitan Municipality. We will make asphalt resistant to winter conditions. Bursa-Uludağ road expansion studies have changed, Bursa he said.
Arinc stated that they will take the base of the Gemlik railway station in this year. Yıl Organized industrial zones have railway connections. The main station of the high-speed train at the Gate will be the logistics center. Gemlik port will be connected with OSB. We see Gemlik as a logistics center. This year we will start the Gemlik harbor railway. Bursa Yenişehir Airport is also active. Bursa-İzmir highway project will be the most important airport of Yenişehir with the fast train operation. THY and civil aviation with the work we do some companies want to cross-flight. Advantages of those who convert flight programs to Bursa are on the agenda. These studies will eventually connect Turkey Akdeniz Airport and the outside world, "he said.
Noting that the agricultural lands will not be dehydrated, Arinc said, sus We have already said that we will bring nearly all of the agricultural land with a total of 136 thousand hectares, which can be irrigated with 290 thousand hectares. That's exactly what happens. In the last 2 year, we have combined 35 thousand 690 hectares of land with more water. We can say that the rest will not be dehydrated in a short time. We continue the land consolidation. In order to increase the market value of agricultural products, we said that in addition to the 68 facility, 2015 will provide the new facility to Bursa in addition to the 100 facility. Efficient soils will be protected. In the urban transformation, we will carry the fertile agricultural lands to the future in the Karacabey, Yenişehir Orhangazi and İnegöl plains. Bursa knows the value of its land. Native seed production and genetic research center will establish. We will start the preliminary studies for the meat farm in the mountain villages this year Dağ.
Arinc stated that Bursa has all kinds of capacity for the older tourism called 55 age. Kapas We think about the Tümbüldek hot springs in MKP for this work. We will build an 11 training campus in Bursa. We will bring together Science, Anatolian and vocational high schools at this campus. We will transfer the school buildings that are vacant in high schools to primary and secondary schools. The first campus will be set up in Ozluce. 3 in the field of social sciences. we are planning to plan for the state university. We're putting ice hockey halls in Bursa. Yıldırım, Gürsu and Kestel will serve the town. There will be a multi-purpose gym. 5 ice-hockey competitions will be held at the facility with a capacity of one thousand people. X
Arinc added that the automotive testing center was included in the 2023 project, and that the testing center was established in Yenisehir. Indeed, all political parties after the election of the next Monday, promising Arınç voicing promises, said:
. He's trying to get a vote from your electorate. We, with great courage, are not talking about Monday, but we are telling our people what we want by targeting 2023. Our people chose our goals. We see that these targets are further enlarged. Talking 2071. We are, perhaps you will be seeing, but I would say that the strong determination of Turkey's roadmap for future generations will live in. We reveal the projects we can get results from. We stand by. All of our efforts and efforts to make Bursa come to the point it deserves. We want the people of Bursa to live more peaceful and happy.

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