Budo Mudanya Kabataş The Campaign Started With a Ceremony (Video-Photo Gallery)

Budo Mudanya Kabataş The Campaign Started With a Ceremony
Mudanya- of the Sea Buses Enterprise (BUDO) established by BURSA Metropolitan MunicipalityKabataş The sea bus expedition started with a ceremony today. Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe announced that two trips will be held in the first place and this number will increase later.
BUDO, which was established by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, due to the increase of ticket prices by IDO after privatization and the priority given to passengers who pay more,Kabataş with a ceremony held today. Speaking at the ceremony that took place under torrential rain at Mudanya Pier, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's AK Party President Recep Altepe said that the biggest demands of the people of Bursa from the municipality are the sea bus services that will connect Mudanya and Istanbul.
Stating that Bursa and Istanbul are now integrated with each other, Altepe said, “Thousands of people travel on this route. After the problems experienced in IDO after privatization, we said, 'We are here in this business, too,' in order not to make our citizens suffer. They didn't believe us, but we did it. We brought our Hüdavendigar ship from Norway, Nilüfer Hatun from Italy, Yıldırımbeyazıt from Greece and Conkbayırı from Çanakkale. Nilüfer Hatun ship is in Tuzla for maintenance now. It will start carrying passengers later. Tea is free for the first week on our flights. The prices of the products inside will be the same as the market, ”he said.
Altepe, who wants Bursa residents to protect their own brand BUDO, is Mudanya-Kabataş He stated that full tickets per person will be sold for 18 TL and discounted tickets will be sold for 14 TL. Altepe announced that tickets can be purchased from the internet at the sales points at Şehreküstü and Uludağ University in Bursa as well as from the piers.
After the ceremony, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, together with the guests and journalists, boarded the sea bus named Hüdavendigar with a capacity of 340 passengers, Kabataşwent to. Sea bus services between Mudanya and Kabataj will be made mutually with the ships named Hüdavendigar and Conkbayırı tomorrow. Sea buses from Mudanya at 07.00 and 15.30, KabataşIt will depart at 10.30 and 18.30. After the repair and maintenance works are completed, the number of voyages will be increased when the sea buses named Nilüfer Hatun and Yıldırım Beyazıt start to carry passengers.

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