BUDO Ferry Makes Its First Time

Ferry Call from IMO to BUDO
Ferry Call from IMO to BUDO

BUDO established by Bursa Municipality, KabataşHe made his first expedition to. At BUDO, which is a rival to IDO on the Istanbul-Bursa line, tea will be sold for 50 kurus and will be free in the first week.

The sea bus purchased from Norway by the Metropolitan Municipality, which established Bursa Sea Buses Operation (BUDO) within the body of Bursa Transportation-Public Transportation Management Industry and Trade Inc. (BURULAŞ) in order to provide sea transportation between Bursa and Istanbul, made its opening voyage.
In his speech at the ceremony held at Mudanya Pier, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that Mudanya is a showcase of Bursa and that they will hold a very important opening in the beautiful district. Stating that they aim to make Bursa an accessible city, Altepe stated that they set sail for the first time and this is very important.

Altepe stressed that they have fulfilled their promises in line with the demands of the people and said:
We went through a very important process and succeeded. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. The most important factor is transportation. As Bursa, the artery of the economy, we are almost the sub-industry of Istanbul. Our goal is to provide uninterrupted service without interruption. Istanbul Sea Buses have served very well for years. However, there were various setbacks after privatization. Different price practices upset the citizens. We also got involved. We have seen that the problem cannot be solved when we are not involved. It was initially thought of as a bluff, but we said we were serious. We said, 'We cannot leave this transportation to anyone's monopoly. We started this business through BURULAŞ. BURULAŞ is an organization 100 percent owned by the municipality. It has the authority to work in every field. "

Explaining that the general manager of BURULAŞ has traveled all over the world, Altepe said that the sea bus called Hüdevandigar, which they will make their first opening voyage, was purchased from Norway.

Stating that they bought Nilüfer Hatun ships from Italy, Yıldırım Beyazıt ships from Greece and also rented the ship named Conkbayırı working in Çanakkale under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Altepe said, “We start with 4 ships, this will grow and develop. Quality and service is our primary goal. Bursa Ekmek ve Besin Sanayi A.Ş (BESAŞ) will run the buffets. Tea is 50 kurus, the first week is free. "Food and drinks will be at standard prices."


Altepe said that this study will contribute to tourism positively, said:
“We want Bursa to be the breathing center of 13 million Istanbul. We are waiting for the citizens of Istanbul to Uludağ, historical places and various events. Now, the job falls to the tourism professionals. We created 24-hour and 48-hour cards. There will be no extra charge for urban transportation. We just realized that we are a coastal city. We did our part. Its development is up to you.

These ships were bought with your taxes and they are Bursa's own property. We are calling our friends from Istanbul, now it's your turn to support. Today we will depart for the inaugural expedition. We are making our first scheduled flight tomorrow. In line with the demands of our citizens, we can increase the number of ships and tariffs.”

After the speeches, the ribbon was cut, many guests attending the ceremony with Altepe, boarding the 340-seater Hüdevandigar sea bus, Istanbul Kabataş He moved to the Pier.


Hüdevandigar and Conkbayırı sea buses from Mudanya at 07.00 and 15.30, Istanbul KabataşIt was learned that there will be two trips a day, at 10.30 and 18.30, with passenger fees as 18 lira for one person and 14 lira for a student.

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