BBP Sivas Provincial District President Ağdoğan visited TÜDEMSAŞI

BBP Sivas Provincial District President Ağdoğan visited TÜDEMSAŞI
Great Union Party (BBP), Sivas, Central District President Omar Ağdog that, Turkey Railway Machines Industry Joint Stock Company (TÜDEMSAŞ) visited.
BBP Sivas Central District President Ömer Ağdoğan came together with BBP workers working in Tüdemsaş within the framework of the work of the Central District Deputy Governors and the Party's Public Works Officers, and the problems of public workers, subcontractor workers, privatizations, especially the Kangal Thermal Power Plant in our city, about the points reached in his work and the agenda sohbet they did.
. Tudemsas is important for the economy of this city. In Sivas, Tudemsas is important for almost everyone, father of a large section and grandfather working here. Especially during the ten years of the AKP government, Tudemsas' importance in this city is increased when the government's privatization policies have given priority to public investments in Sivas and public investments in the city in the past have been removed. The fact that the AKP government has chosen Sivas as a pilot province in its privatization policies is evident from the fact that it has put forward the privatization of Kangal Thermal Power Plant. This forwarding has been the registration of the representatives of this city who have sent to Ankara and the lack of weight in the Government. Bu
TÜDEMSAŞ workers have expressed their satisfaction with the visit with refreshments to the delegation of BBP in the visit and politics in Turkey unipolar have become one, he pumped the AKP alternative that propaganda by secret forces and the nation before in this situation have said that leads to despair.

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