2012 Million Passenger Carries in 100

2012 Million Passenger Carries in 100
Metro and Ankaray, which are the indispensable public transportation vehicles of the metros, used 94 million 494 thousand 156 passengers in a year. With the addition of free boarding card holders, this number is approaching 100 million.
Another remarkable aspect of the capital rail systems was the distance that last year. One year 2 771 thousand 145 thousand kilometers of Metro and Ankaray road, the 384 thousand kilometers from the Earth 403 miles away from the 3,5 times and times.
In the 30 1996 August Metropolitan Municipality's capital city of Ankara to meet with the December 27 1997 the services offered by the subway, fast on rails, impresses with safe and modern travel facilities. Every year millions of citizens jobs to go to school or used to meet up with friends Dikimevi-ASTI 11 serving with the station between Ankaray and Red Crescent-Batikent between the metro that allow access to 12 separate stations, draws attention to the statistical data in 2012 years.
for the first time held in Ankara in Turkey and rails on the trip address technology traveling Başkentliler with great train, security monitoring 24 hours with cameras, arranged for people with disabilities, have access to the privileges of travel agents in peace in the protected station in trust with the security element.
The most striking figure for Ankaray and the subway, where day and night intensive work was carried out during the day with transportation and security, and nightly and repair services at night, was the number of passengers it carried in 2012. A thousand years, a total 94 494 156 million more than the population of Turkey citizens with passenger trains serving the technology is great, metro and revealed the importance of the capital Ankara to other transportation. These figures reached 5 million with the addition of free boarding card holders who found 100 million people.
The 14 bin 661 has used more people on a subway route. While traveling through the past year 56 631 million passengers ride the subway 842, 8 million this figure was determined as 527 37 thousand people in Ankaray serving 862 314 thousand-kilometer route. In the morning hours 06.00 starting and night hours with the various points of the city Başkentliler of the expedition, which continued until 00.00 Ankaray the Capital rail system, while last year 61 thousand 40 time now, the subway, the figure was 59 thousand 19.
33 11 wagons 108 series 18 wagon and XNUMX series of XNUMX cars running as a series of other data about the metro in a year.
Ankaray and the metro have traveled a total of 2 million 771 thousand 145 kilometers on rails last year. This corresponds to the full 384 of the 403 bin 7, the distance between the Earth and its moon Moon.

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