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Akkent neighborhood is expected to establish a tram line
It is planned to establish a tram line between Çorum city center and Akkent neighborhood.
Çorum Municipality, which is looking for solutions that will relax the city traffic in the transportation area, started research on light rail systems.
Addressing the Akkent route, where the university, health, sports and social facility investments will gain weight in the near future, the municipality has examined alternative applications in transportation.
According to the information obtained by PARKING; light rail systems are also among the Municipality's transportation vision projects.
The project is planned to unite the city center with the Akkent district, and it is expected to facilitate access to TOKİ houses, Hitit University Campus, new hospitals, stadiums, bus stations and schools, as well as the Commodity Exchange, Wholesalers Site, Auto and Tractor Gallery Sites.
For now, the biggest obstacle in front of the project is the criteria of the State Planning Organization.
DPT, which does not allow the population to establish a light rail system in cities below the 500 thousand, obstructs the provinces in Çorum.
In one direction, 15 is one of the conditions for carrying the capacity of the thousand passengers and the conditions of the SPO. It is stated that if the criteria brought in terms of investment cost and operating performance are stretched, Çorum can also reach the tram.
So, in essence, the tram also seems to be in the savings of state executives like the train.

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