Ak Parti Agri Deputy Ekrem Çelebi Wanted Ağrı's Railway

Ak Parti Agri Deputy Ekrem Çelebi Wanted Ağrı's Railway
Ekrem Çelebi asked the Prime Minister for Natural Gas and Railway
Ak Party Chairman and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Eastern Anatolia Region, the 8 Province MPs, Mayors and party organization with the 5 hour-long meeting came together.
Akrem Ağrı Deputy Ekrem Çelebi announced in his written statement about the meeting that he invited Prime Minister Erdoğan to Ağrı.
Çelebi said the following about the meeting. ”We had the opportunity to meet personally with Mr. Prime Minister about the problems of Ağrı. I personally conveyed the demands of the people of Ağrı to him. I demanded that our priority is the subject of Natural Gas and that studies related to this should be started. Dispersing the gas from Iran to Turkey via incoming and pain, especially pain center, I said to Dogubayazit town of Patnos and our people would be satisfied with the making of distribution. " said.
Çelebi also conveyed his insistence on railway construction to Prime Minister Erdoğan; “We want the railway network from Ankara to Erzurum to be brought to Ağrı and included in the investment program. It is our greatest hope that Ağrı will also receive this service in its 2023 vision. ”

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