Where is 45 × 45 Sigma Profile Used?

Among the profile types, there are many products of different sizes and features that have been produced with the support of technology. Among these, the most effective products following the light series with thin meat structure are the 45 × 45 sigma profile. These products, which are preferred in construction and construction processes with their more durable structure compared to the general of thin-structured profiles, can also be produced in accordance with the desired demands with different types.

According to this, this type of profile can be used in the production of advertisement stands, machine parts, windows and panels, whose durability is desired to be increased. In addition to these, similar uses can be realized in every area that will not be overloaded.

45 x 45 Sigma Profile Types

Among the profiles produced using all technological possibilities in ready-made machines, various products with different features are produced for 45 × 45 sigma profiles. Among these products, the highlights at first sight are the light form sigma profile and the standard form sigma profile.

In addition to the usage areas and properties of light models, which are traditionally preferred, standard models with dimensions of 45 x 45 show a much more durable performance. For this reason, it is possible to use these products safely in places such as work desks, large benches, main connection points of the machines. The people who will receive a profile must first determine their projects and then make the cuts.

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