Erciyes Ski Center snow thickness reaches 175 centimeters

Erciyes Ski Center snow thickness reaches 175 centimeters

Turkey's most important winter tourism Erciyes Ski Center is located between the centers of the snow depth reached 175 centimeters.

After the snowfall at the weekend effective snow thickness 175 centimeter found that the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes AŞ officials, the 2 meter of snow in the high cuts, he said.

In Erciyes, where the lowest temperature was measured as 4 degrees below zero, especially the interest of local and foreign tourists on the weekend attracted attention.

In addition to countries such as America, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Greece and Iran, around 20 thousand tourists came from the country.

Apart from those who came to slip, citizens coming to Erciyes for a picnic also created long vehicle queues on the landing route.

Stating that the tracks are open and skiable, the officials stated that the roads in Kayseri, Develi and Hacılar direction are also open for transportation to Erciyes.

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