Sakarya Rail System Surveys in Progress

Sakarya Rail System Surveys in Progress
Was launched on social media by President Zeki Toçoğlu and then Metropolitan Municipality Official Websitesurvey is ongoing to determine the name of the city rail system in Turkey. Transportation Department Head Ismail Yolcu said that up to now 8 bin 600 has announced his preference by participating in the survey.
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is realizing a new vision in transportation, introducing Sakarya to the urban rail system. President Zeki Toçoğlu, with citizens on social media sohbet He announced that the rail system would be named by the Sakarya. Speaking about the surveys conducted, İsmail Yolcu, Head of the Transportation Department, said:Metropolitan Municipality Official Websiteand the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality on Facebook. The names of AdaRay, AkRay, ÇarkRay, KentRay, RayAda, Ray54, Sakaray, SaRay, SRS, SakRay which were previously conveyed to the President by our citizens are included in the survey options. They can also write their own preferences in the survey. 8 bin 600 has already announced their preferences. We expect our nurses to help us determine the name of the rail system by participating in our survey Hemş.
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