Kadıköy Metro will extend to Tuzla

Kadıköy Its metro will extend to Tuzla: Kadıköy - Taking the subject to the agenda of the Metropolitan Municipality by taking into consideration the intense demands of the citizens for the extension of the Kartal subway to Tuzla, Tuzla Mayor Dr. The persistent pursuit of Şadi Yazıcı has yielded results. Kadıköy - The metro line, which serves on the Kartal line, will extend to Tuzla at the end of the works to be carried out.
Taking the request of Mayor Yazıcı into the agenda, Metropolitan Municipality, Kadıköy- He decided to extend the Eagle subway to Tuzla. Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Kadıköy - Announced that work has begun to extend the Kartal metro line to Tuzla.
President Printer gave the good news
Mayor of Tuzla Şadi Yazıcı, “From Tuzla HalkalıMarmaray, which will provide uninterrupted transportation services, will have 3 station in Tuzla. Tuzlali citizens who take the train from these stations Halkalıwill provide fast and safe transportation up to. Metro is from Kartal Kadıköy serves up to the square. However, our citizens from Tuzla, Kadıköy they were sending me their requests to extend their subway to Tuzla at every opportunity. I also discussed the issue with our Metropolitan Mayor. Finally, after the evaluations Kadıköy a decision was made to extend the subway to Tuzla ”.
100 per minute HalkalıIn 36 Minutes Kadıköy
Tuzla, which hosts 3 stops on the Marmaray project route, will experience significant comfort in transportation with the extension of the metro line. With the metro reaching to Tuzla, citizens who take the metro in the shipyards area in 36 minutes Kadıköywill be able to reach Sabiha Gökçen Airport in 10 minutes. Citizens who take the high-speed train in Tuzla as part of the Marmaray project, in 95 minutes Halkalıwill reach. Metro merger with Marmaray within the scope of the project Kadıköy and Tuzla.

Source: MynetHaber

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