Tram survived the accident cheaply in Eskişehir

A citizen on bicycles carrying bread in Eskişehir fell to the ground on the tramway due to the icy road with snow. The accident was prevented by the careful tram driver on the road where the tram services operated from both sides.
Along with the cold weather affecting the dormitory, it was observed that icing occurred in many parts of the province as the day brightened after the snowfall that started in Eskişehir at night. Snow depth reached 15 centimeters in the higher parts of the city. It was observed that citizens who wanted to go to work in the morning had difficulty walking. Municipal teams started salting work on the city's main streets.
Accidents are caused by the city's icing. A citizen who wanted to move bread to the morning store, although prohibited, entered the tram route. As a result of the icing of the wheels of the bike on the tram road as a result of the citizens fell to the ground. In the meantime, the bread in the vault was scattered on the floor. In the meantime, the driver from both sides of the trolley noticed the falling citizens. Trams cut their speed, waited for the citizens to get up from the ground. Meanwhile, the citizen removed his bike, tram, then proceeded on the way.
Meteorological officials, the province will continue in the days of snowfall and icing announced.

Source: CİHAN

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