Metrobus is the scene of lightning lovers. KadıköyA young man tells the adventure of meeting the girl he is engaged to ...
Kadıköyand I work as a manager in a store in the shopping center in Levent. For this reason, I take the metrobus from Söğütlüçeşme Station and go to Zincirlikuyu every morning. My age has come to 30. For years, my mother used to say, "Come on, find a son, get married". I wouldn't listen either. How could I know that I could find the love I was looking for on the metrobus ...
It was September last year. I was sitting at the back of Söğütlüçeeşme by finding a place. He came to Metrobus Acıbadem Stop. The doors opened and a few people got in. I was also looking at those who got on and off voluntarily. A woman got into the vehicle through the door where I was. It remained standing because of lack of space.
As soon as I saw the young woman, I noticed that there was a strange activity inside me. I was briefly excited. I got up and gave a place. The lady did not want to sit down, but at my insistence she sat down thanking. Until I went to Zincirlikuyu, I stopped where he was standing and grabbed the iron he was holding. We landed together in Zincirlikuyu. He thanked me again as he got off. It was even stranger inside. He went to the Gayrettepe side and I went to the Levent side. Sometime I was going to say I wanted to approach and meet, but I was hesitant. We both went to work. I spent the day thinking about how I would see him again.
I got on the metrobus 5 or 10 minutes late for a few days, and my eyes looked for that lady, but she couldn't see it. One weekend, I saw him getting on the middle door, again at the same time and again at Acıbadem. Again, my heart was fidgety. This time I was standing up and asking for permission went over to him. And I said "Hello how are you?" With a smile. He knew me, and he asked about my condition. We talked about things, about things. We went down together again in Zincirlikuyu. This time I kept the business intact and handed out my card, apologizing. I said he wanted to meet with him. He called me two days later. Our meeting with giving a place in the metrobus turned into love. We went out for about 2 months. Then I explained the situation to my mother and we immediately went and asked her family. We are now engaged and counting days to get married to summer.

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