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BUDO Starts Seaports
Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that Bursa Sea Buses Operations (BUDO) will start operating between Bursa and Istanbul as of January. Explaining that they will start seaplane flights between Gemlik district of Bursa and Istanbul, Altepe emphasized that they will implement the project in which the 19-seated seaplanes will depart from the Golden Horn and land at the Gemlik Dörtyol location.
Stating that they have established the Bursa Sea Buses Operations (BUDO), Altepe stated that they will start their voyages in January with the ships of Hüdavendigar, Yıldırım Beyazıt and Nilüfer Hatun, and said that sea flights will start between Bursa's Gemlik district and Istanbul. Altepe said, “Bursa businessmen will be in Istanbul in 20 minutes. With the project, it will be ensured that 19 seafarers will take off from Haliç and land at Gemlik Dörtyol Mevkii. In order to use Yenişehir Airport more actively, the Metropolitan Municipality, which coordinates Bursa Airlines, continues its decisive steps in this area. Construction work has accelerated in the new cable car, which will reach the Hotels Region from Teferrüç station in Bursa in 22 minutes and is the longest line cable car in the world with 8,84 kilometers. In the new system where the existing passenger capacity will be increased to 12 times, the problem of waiting in line will be prevented with 8 gondola type cabins with a capacity of 175 people each. ” he spoke.

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    1. may Allah be halal bravo mayor Mr. recep altepe.ye bursa to do to the world to do things that do not fall from the language of everyone I'm scholarship 27 year truck driver did almost all asia and europe 27 year I've come and such a train tram bursa istanbul ferry ship istanbul between the sea I saw the plane for the first time in the municipality of all the means can be done in the mayor of our mayor.