Trolley wagons 6 Million Euro

Trolley wagons 6 Million Euro
AKP's Metropolitan Municipality says that they will make Bursa a Burs brand city la, boasting the production of local trams, but the municipality denounces the report on TMMOB's Bursaray subway project. According to the report, in Bursaray, 6 million euros were spent for ”scrap wagons milyon from Europe.
Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) President Ibrahim Mart, Bursa, one of the rooted problems of the problem of public transportation in the assertion of the Metropolitan Municipality by making short-term accounts on the wrong by opening the door to new problems in Bursa's future announced.
Ibrahim Mart, the head of the Bursa branch of the MMO, made a press conference with the members of the board of directors and publicized the 5 page report on the developments in Bursaray and publicly asked the Mayor of Bursa, Recep Altepe, about the project.
March, drawing attention to the interesting developments in the third vehicle purchase, in this period, "forgetting" to take the additional vehicle Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the second hand tool for emergency solution, fell, he said. Noting that Altepe has commissioned BURULAŞ to purchase vehicles without a tender, the Chairman of the MMO Bursa Branch said, ş The 2 yearly metropolitan municipality has decided to buy the wagons to the 6 Million in the Netherlands's Rotterdam subway. said.
Mayor Altepe'nin compare it with the new vehicle prices, trying to pretend to save as a saving Ibrahim Mart, yeni Second-hand vehicles can not be saved. Benchmarking can only be done for vehicles with the same technological level, quality and similar features, Kıy he said.
March, emphasizing that it is worrying for the economy rather than domestic production, said: ekonomi The purchase of vehicles in Europe, which have completed their economic life in Europe, cannot be accepted for Bursa. On the one hand the brand city, on the other hand, the production of the tram and production of technology in the city of Bursa and the people of Bursa to be revamped to second-hand vehicles with a word 'disrespect', the purchase process of these tools 'unplanned' and 'incompetence' with two words. "
Araç In such an important project concerning all of Bursa, by-passing the city councils and the urban dynamics is another important indicator of how the Metropolitan Municipality works, nasıl said Mart. Proj Previously, there are two different brands, Due to differences, there are separate operations, spare parts, service and maintenance challenges for each brand. With the introduction of a third different brand vehicle, the system will become more complex and operation and maintenance costs will increase. If this mistake is not returned, a 'scrap vehicle dump' will be formed in Bursa in the near future. This will create a significant cost and environmental problem. Bu
Bursa Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch, calling for the immediate withdrawal of the second-hand vehicle Ibrahim Mart, needs to be met with domestic production, the Ministry of Transport should take responsibility for this issue pointed out.
IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO MUNICIPAL CHAIRMAN Ibrahim Mart, Chairman of Bursa Branch, asked Mayor Recep Altepe to answer the following questions:
* Is the approval of Ministry of Transport for the second hand used vehicles for Bursa Light Rail System?
* Is 30 used second-hand vehicle,, Brand Kent Kent aiming to become our scholarship?
* On the one hand, you are working hard for local tram production ors Silk Beetle har, on the other hand you are pursuing a second hand imported vehicle, how do you explain it?
* Do not you think that with the second hand wagons, Bursa will turn into ini scrap wagon dumps ı, and that ini domestic production ”will be cut and imported negative by the import purchases?
* Why do not you take the views of city stakeholders and professional chambers in such major projects that concern the city?

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