Moving 410 Wagon Carriage for Marmaray Project

marmaray trains
marmaray trains

The move carried 410 wagons for the Marmaray project. Halkalı and Gebze districts with a continuous, modern and high-capacity suburban rail system continues to be connected to the construction of the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Marmaray's wagons, the movement is carrying. The move has carried 2010 wagons up to now, within the scope of the agreements started at 410.

The movement carried 2004 wagons within the scope of Marmaray, a suburban line improvement project consisting of three sections, which will be united in 410 and continue its construction, and will unite the European and Asian sides from the bottom of the Bosphorus.

For the project consisting of 440 wagons, 140 complete wagon, which comes to Derince Port, has been moved to warehouses in Haydarpaşa and Edirne. 270 wagon body was transported from Derince Port to Adapazarı Eurotem Factory. After that, the 205 wagon, which was assembled in Adapazarı, was moved to the storage areas in Haydarpaşa and Edirne. Wagon transports to be made within the scope of the project are planned to be completed in October.

Movement for the Marmaray project, including the wagon body, container and crate materials besides the wagon, continues its successful projects in the field of transportation without slowing down.

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