3. Bridge and 3. The airport will be integrated, the premium in the region will increase

  1. Bridge and 3. The airport will be integrated, the premium in the region will increase
    The bridge and the airport will be integrated, the premium in the region will increase
    The new 3 described in the north. Bridge, 3. Airport and two new city projects turned north of Istanbul's growth direction. Effective projects like Ataşehir and Çekmeköy are expected in the region.
    Growing in the east-west axis direction to date, Istanbul has turned its growth direction to the north with the new 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport and two new city projects announced in the north. It is stated that those who want to buy land in the region are knocking on the door of many real estate agents, and the price increase in these areas is expected to be more clear, especially in 2013 and 2014. It is stated that there is demand in the areas between Durusu and Kemerburgaz. Stating that Istanbul has made significant premiums in many regions in the east-west direction, Hüsniye Boztunç, TSKB Real Estate Appraisal Deputy General Manager, gave the following information: “Especially here, the Anatolian side stands out more than the European side in terms of building density and price increase. One of the most important elements that revive the real estate sector; to take transportation somewhere. The most important project in transportation is the 3rd Bridge and its connections… Based on this, it is possible to say that there will be a development in the north of Istanbul. Stating that we will be talking about the northern regions of Istanbul in the coming years, since the 3rd airport and yenişehir projects are also close to this region, Boztunç said that we will focus on the northern regions and that they see individual investors making real estate investments in places where there are new developments. Boztunç stated that with the large-scale companies and their connections, foreigners will also be interested in this process.
    New Ataşehir models will appear
    Boztunç stated that this change will reveal stories similar to the development process of Çekmeköy and Ataşehir in the coming years. Pointing out that each of the projects will be projects that will create premium, Boztunç said: But if we take the Sabiha Gökçen airport as an example and start from there, I think that this region will make a higher premium because the 3rd Airport is integrated with the 3rd Bridge road. This region stands out in terms of investment, as there is also a land stock suitable for development in the villages available in that region.
    In the coming period, the north of the 2b land sales and important transportation and transformation projects will be expected to be an intensification of the construction of the transfer Boztunç, the growing demand along with the development will be reflected in prices, he said.
    Ask them about their 2b lands to the forest chiefdoms.Husniye Boztunç warned that they will invest in new development areas and suggested that the citizens who will buy land in these regions should learn from the forest district chiefs whether the lands have a relationship with the forest or 2b. Boztunç said, “The zoning status of the land to which they are affiliated and whether there are any zoning plans currently being worked on for this region should be questioned,” said Boztunç: “If there is a restriction for the mentioned places because it is close to military areas, it is from the title deed records, and for the lands close to lakes and dams, whether it is from protection basins. you need to be sure. In addition, we recommend that they learn about the zoning status from the land registry offices to the title deed records, from the zoning directorates in the relevant municipalities.

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