Today in History: January 21, 1902 Baghdad Railway between the Ottoman Empire and the Anatolian Railway Company ...

Today in History
21 January 1902 The final concession agreement for the construction and operation of the Baghdad Railway was signed between the Ottoman State and the Anatolian Railway Company. The duration of the contract was determined as 99 year. Route; Konya-Karaman-Eregli-Adana-Hamidiye-Kilis-Abyss-Nusaybin-Mosul-Tekrik-Samarra-Baghdad-Karbala-Najaf was determined as Basra. Even a large number of branch lines with a total length of 2467 km would be laid. The company was granted the right to operate a ship between Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa, making a port in Baghdad, Basra and Iskenderun Bay.



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