First Privatization Announcement of 2013 for Malatya Wagon Repair Factory

First Privatization Announcement of 2013 for Malatya Wagon Repair Factory
The government made the first privatization announcement for 2013 for the idle wagon repair factory in Malatya.
The Wagon Repair Factory area, which has not been sold in Malatya for many years and has not been suited for its privatization, was put out to tender again by the Privatization Administration.
According to the information received from the Directorate of Privatization Administration, the construction of the Wagon Repair Factory, whose construction works were stopped in 1989 and has been built since then, has been put on sale in 6 separate immovable properties.
The area owned by a total of 6 properties is specified as 574 thousand 680 square meters. Accordingly, the sale method and bargaining procedure will be applied together with the assets on the immovable properties, and each will be tendered separately to be privatized within the framework of the Law on Privatization Practices No. 4046. Tenders will be held through bargaining procedure. If deemed necessary by the Tender Commission, the tenders can be concluded by auction with the participation of the bidders, whose negotiations are underway. An offer can be made to one of the immovable properties subject to sale, or an offer can be made for more than one immovable without being linked. The bids submitted will not contain any conditions. In order to participate in the tenders, the specification and bids must be taken for each property.
Meanwhile, the zoning plan of the Wagon Repair Factory was changed by the Privatization High Council in July 2012, and the area owned by the facility was changed to "Industry and Storage Area" (E: 1.00; Hmax: Height Required by Technology).
The wagon repair factory is owned by Sümer Holding A.Ş. The final bidding period for the tender was reported as February 7, 2013.

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