20 from the suburbs Bursa public bus drivers prior to January last call

20 from the suburbs Bursa public bus drivers prior to January last call
The day the private public busers (green buses), which are in agreement with the Metropolitan Municipality, will begin their passenger transportation with their tickets according to their plans.
In this direction;
Mayor Recep Altepe is extremely determined.
As he said during his visit to Sönmez Media a few days ago, he said that private public buses could not carry passengers out of BURKAŞ's Bukart and that they would find state power against them if they did.
Therefore, üy 100 meters can not go even forward ”he said, Altepe'nin a very determined statement.
Metropolitan Municipality;
The city is going through a new regulation in the traffic flow.
As a matter of fact, the transfer of minibuses into a taxi is one of them.
President Altepe, the system will no longer be the old in Bursa, the new order that everyone should keep in mind.
We were in contact with Altepe yesterday when we returned to Istanbul.
"Look," he said, "Turkey while also having problems passing the rail system in the province is almost none. These problems in Bursa will be in transition. We are investing in annual 300 million liras on transportation, Bursa will no longer carry the load of rail systems Cities are no longer managed by the old system Biz
It also reacted to criticism by the public otübüsçülerin against BURULAS General Manager Levent Fidansoy.
And he almost had Fidansoy.
Diye Tutturmuşlar BURULAŞ he. No BURULAŞ is an institution that only implements decisions. UKOME takes decisions in this direction Bu
President Altepe, the public busers' income and expenses for their criticism that they can not see the rest of the statement:
Ün Hereursunlar, ıy he said ne Let us assign an independent audit firm, so that everyone can see what is in the pool. Is there injustice, but here they are not the problem of the pool, but accept the request, but we will not accept it, let them know that ets
He also mentioned that new transportation schemes have a say in modern cities and he also stated that private public buses had dropped to the share share of 27 in Bursa and he stated that this system did not play a very important role for Bursa.
Therefore his offer made us once again through public bus drivers.
“They say they're hurting. We also say that no more damage to the bride, then let us rent your plates and give you 5'er thousand pounds each month. We also pay the driver's salary. In fact, let us do the maintenance of your vehicles Hatta
He also said;
Mez No one says no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Since they don't agree, they don't hurt.

Source: Okan Tuna - bursahakimiyet




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