Malatyada locomotive with minibus collided 1 dead 6 injured

The minibus collided with the locomotive in Malatya: 1 dead, 6 injured
In Malatya, 1 person died and 6 people were injured as a result of the collision between the locomotive and the shuttle bus at the level crossing.
According to the information received, the locomotive, which was reported to go from Malatya to Hekimhan, collided with the 44 S 0722 minibus, whose driver's name was not known, trying to cross the rails at the Dilek Town Station Junction of the center.
Sibel Karakaya (23) learned that workers in the apricot factory were killed in the accident and died at the scene. Injured Steel, Saime Sağlam and Hacer Sağlam with the names can not be learned 3 people, Malatya and Beydagi State Hospitals were being treated.
The absence of the injured danger revealed.

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