1 to Chinese railways will spend 100 billion dollars per year!

China railways 1 100 billion dollars a year to spend: The world's second largest economy, China has announced that it plans to invest approximately $ 2013 years 100 billion in the railway.
The Chinese Railways Minister stated that in 2012, the country put a total of 5 kilometers of railways into service.
This year the Ministry of Railways will differentiate its financing channels in railway construction. Accordingly, it will encourage local governments, businesses and private investors. In this context, a national railway development fund will be established and an investment platform will be created for social and private capital.
The total investment figure is expected to exceed 100 billion dollars.
Within the framework of the 12th 5-year development plan, a total of 2015 thousand kilometers of railway network is envisaged in 18, including 40 thousand high-speed rail and 120 thousand express railway lines.
The country had invested 630 billion yuan on railroads last year, but the record for railroad investment in Chinese history was broken with an investment of 2010 billion yuan in 842,65.

Source: HaberTürk



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