Yusuf Sunbul: Railways Turkey's Oxford! (Video)

I think one of the information seminars in the past months; one of the participants sohbet between OXFORD and oxford'lu were importing about talking of the importance of education and scientific research in the UK and the determination of a serious career transition, obviously talk making midwifery a perfect education system and qualified personnel to remove it in the foreground downplayed the shortcomings of Turkey rearing was working.Sohbet because it is boring to already severe environment with the aim to soften a bit I get "I know him, Turkey's oxford RAILWAY VOCATIONAL SCHOOL is always number one," I said.
a majority of those present here "Railways OXFORD of" what it meant that they knew that these statements are graduates who work virtually anywhere in Turkey that smile was artırmıştı.kal in the face; Railway Vocational High School that Turkey's Oxfork a very Everyone knew the meaning of this word, especially in the railway transportation sector.
RAILWAY VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL most recent opening period 1974 / 1998 years between with about 2720 graduated from the first opening in 01 October 1942 off several times this party periods has given 4184 graduate with mergers, to every part of Turkey qualified Railway element has trained has been a real trend slot You can see OXFORD graduates of all routes at every level of the Railways and they work in every field in the other State and Private sectors.
In the 1998, this outstanding school of the Railways, which was closed by sacrificing to the SAVING MEASURES, will probably never be opened again in this sense. seeing real steps are taken in this direction and Turkey Railway Oxford are brought to life with a new face.
In recent years, especially in the sense of liberalization of the railways (CUSTOMIZATION) in the sense of the important laws are enacted and the privatization is accelerated. I don't think there will be a return to this, even if the discussions of the LIBRARY or CUSTOMIZATION studies are useful or not. There will be very important amounts of qualified personnel in this field in the SPECIAL SECTOR. In many areas of the private sector, there is no patience with the time of recruitment, they will want to start their activities and take part in this cycle as soon as possible with trained staff. Can they find sufficient employment in this context? Of course, no, it is possible to see some negative effects already.
Although the most important works can be achieved thanks to technological opportunities, we cannot ignore the fact that this transition period will be very painful due to the insufficiency of the real qualified personnel. When qualified personnel are not qualified for the necessary employment, it is decided to open Ünivers RAILED TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Ünivers sections to all universities and maybe the trainings will start in the next period.
Here is an important problem, it will be very difficult to find those who will give education in these universities, many people have retired in the past years, the trainers who have knowledge of the railway has completely diminished. So who will close this gap? The training of instructors with short trainings of a few months will cause many disruptions in the operation of the railways.
All these facts when lined up in Turkey in the field of railway operation must, but not necessarily a RAILWAY oxford to where it needs görülmektedir.gerçek sense of railwaymen and RAILWAY VOCATIONAL SCHOOL to flourish once the railway culture must be reopened.

Source: Yusuf Sünbül

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