YHT could be Ak Parti's breaking point in Kocaeli

YHT could be Ak Parti's breaking point in Kocaeli
High positions between Ankara and Istanbul
high speed train (YHT) project will be implemented (
The cost and burden of this project to our province is not discussed much jen
We saw the first indicator in the quarry in Maşukiye.
Well, our high-speed train project called YHT
At what rate will our fellow townsmen benefit from? ...
Never known Hiç
At least I don't know En
Because: Rota was drawn from high authorities in Ankara Çünkü
Gebze, Gulf, Derince, Izmit and Kartepe,
So what will their burden be? ...
It doesn't end up counting Bunu
Some time ago a workplace accident occurred due to the construction of a bridge in the coastal area of ​​Izmit and 12
the worker fell under…
This accident was caused by death without death…
It was actually the harbinger of any accidents that might have occurred after that Bundan
Then, a quarry was opened in Maşukiye and used in the infrastructure for the YHT project.
material was asked to be removed and the managers of our city were divided into two mak
Some said, ”I am against the establishment of a stone in Maşukiye Kim Kim
Some say, bir This is one of the most important projects of our government and government and this
where the necessary material for the infrastructure works of the project will be removed from there pro
When the project is finished, then the quarry will not be used and will be re-greened.
No one should worry about it ... et
The debate on ça Environmentalists in Freshwater in Yosemite ”is more likely to happen“
Apparently, this HRC project will create more discussion and more
problems will bring our province and fellow citizens sorun
YHT project
Our city will be an exam kent
It seems to be very difficult to stand in front of the YHT project Y
The reason is: the decision was given from Ankara and the high stakes of our country
It is explained that there is a project within the framework of ç
Our city and fellow citizens are confronted with a very serious new test Kent
How to overcome this exam Baký bu
Our civil society organizations, political parties and citizens
How long will they be able to continue? ...
Time will show everything…
There is a distressing and painful year ahead of us Sık
YHT project that will pass through our city with a route of approximately 70 kilometers
It will be the ”soft belly“ of the AK Party Ak
Since the 2002, the biggest support among the western provinces has been increasing
The people who gave the dimensions of the Kocaeli people will face this time again with the decision making
I will not be surprised if you enter the process ş
I mean, there are so many great mishaps that our people will be uncomfortably uncomfortable.
and if it continues, opposition parties and non-governmental organizations
If they share and integrate, there may be a breaking point in the name of Ak Parti in our province paylaş
The YHT project, which is aimed to be completed by 2013 October 29,
prestige, and rolled up their sleeves to end on time at all costs.
A very big project b
When we look at these facts, some of the problems of this project
it can easily be understood that it will not show much s
We wish to all of us that we can give Allah ease to all our people,
Due to the High-Speed Train Project, we'll have some snaps that we'll experience
Let me take it for granted biz
Since I lä ± ± Ä ° nåÿallah RÄ ± m and ± z kazasä this project â € "belasä ± z opportunities for transforming our province geã§erek my taahhã¼t Tagged
completed in time and delivered to our country. kazanit will be raised…

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