The closure of the Uludag cable car facilities caused the tourism workers and shopkeepers

The closure of the Uludag cable car facilities caused the tourism workers and shopkeepers

With the implementation of the agreement made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with Lietner company related to the construction of the new ropeway with the build-operate-transfer model, the closure of the Uludağ cable car facilities suffered the tourism professionals and the tradesmen in Uludağ.

Lietner company will start the installation in summer due to the weather conditions, but the city's Bursa cable car facilities shut down, the people who want to see the snow landscape and the skiers planning to come to Uludag upset. In addition, the number of customers in the hotels in Uludag in December with the increase in the number of traffic in the road began to experience traffic congestion.

Tourism professionals who sell ski packages in Uludağ, especially in Istanbul, said that citizens prefer to go by cable car to see the snow-covered forests from the air. Tourism professionals said, “Our customers who come to Uludağ just to enjoy the snow want to go out by cable car. The closure of the Uludağ cable car facilities caused our reservations to escape to other locations. The number of alternative ski resorts is increasing day by day. "Those who want to go to Uludağ with the cable car, which is the symbol of Bursa, prefer other places when they hear that the facilities are closed."


Those who gave in Sarıalan, especially the minibus shopkeepers residing in Kirazlı village, were in a difficult situation. Some of the businesses that rent shops from the forest administration do not open their shops due to the lack of customers. Noting that those who come for one day enjoy the snow in Sarıalanda, especially when the cable car is working, around 50 tradesmen in Uludağ said that with the closure of the Uludağ cable car facilities in the winter season, there were no residents.

300 people from the region to bring bread to the person who expressed that the shop, "sitting in the village of Kirazli minibuses between the hotels could not work between the cable car closed. For those who go to the ski area, there are no arrivals in Sarıalan. However, in a very small number of meat to make barbecues in this region if you come to the shop will be shopping. Currently, the number of customers decreased by 80 compared to last year. The staff of the cable car facilities are ready. We can't make sense that these facilities are not operated. It is said that the installation of new facilities will not start before May. In the meantime, if the cable car facilities are opened, the shopkeeper takes the bread to his house. We want the municipal authorities to empathize with the tradesman, yaparak they said.

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