Tüvasaş Doors Open to Anadolu Agency

Tüvasaş Doors Open to Anadolu Agency
It meets the needs of TCDD wagons, domestic diesel train sets for production, which will connect Asia with Europe "Marmaray" engaged in the production of the wagons EUROTEM partnership with Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (Tüvasas), the door to the Anadolu Agency (AA) opened.
Recovering from dependence on imports of rail transport began in 1866 in Turkey on October 25, 1951 in order to "Wagon Repair Workshop" Tüvasas started its activities under the name of the technology began to export cars constantly renewed by over 61 years.
The factory, which was heavily damaged after the earthquake on August 17, 1999, focused on the production of domestic diesel train sets and wagons, after repairs, and produced 30 sleepers for Bulgarian Railways.
Erol İnal, General Manager of Tüvasaş, told AA correspondent that Tüvasaş has been producing wagons for more than 20 years and that they are a globally competent institution.
Turkey in 1866, began in rail transportation of all foreign-dependent maintaining the vehicles that led to run the cost and disruption striking Inal, Tüvasas that began operations on October 25, 1951 "Adapazari Wagon Industry Organization (AdvaSaR)" institution operating under the name in 1975 He reported that he started the production of "RIC" type passenger wagons.
Stating that the institution has gained its current structure in 1985, İnal, besides the production of passenger wagons and electrical series, “Ray Bus”,
He pointed out that they focused on projects such as "RIC-Z" new luxury wagon and "TVS 2000 air-conditioned luxury wagon".
Reminding that the infrastructure of the institution, which was damaged in the Marmara Earthquake on August 17, 1999 and lost its production capability, was completely stopped, İnal said that the repair was started in April 2000.
In the 2001, Inal, who emphasized the installation of the 38 vehicle in the light rail vehicle fleet for the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, said that between 2003-2009, the old type conventional wagon production was abandoned and the modern set production started.
Noting that Inal, Tüvasaş has a 90 percent locality, high-value-added passenger wagons are produced, he said:
"Tüvasas, has the infrastructure to meet the needs of all cars will be used in Turkey's railway. Since Tüvasaş is an institution of 99,9 percent owned by Tcdd, the production of all wagons belonging to Tcdd was made by Tuvasas. As of October 22, our institution produced 793 passenger wagons. We also carry out heavy and periodic maintenance of all these wagons here.
We have the infrastructure and employees to meet all the needs of Tcdd. ”
- Domestic diesel train sets -
Stating that the Diesel Train Set (DMU) Project started in 2010 consists of 11 vehicles, 3 of which are 4 and one of them is 37, it emphasized that the vehicles were delivered to Tcdd in 12 sets.
"The remaining 2013 sets will be completed by the end of 12," said Inal. "Besides the fact that DMUs have the capacity to take 2 passengers, 196 of them are handicapped, they have been in various lines since May 2012". .
The other leg of the agreement with South Korea for diesel sets
Stating that he is the “Marmaray Project”, İnal said:
“In 2010, 275 vehicles for the Marmaray Project were started to be manufactured in our facilities in accordance with the contract within the framework of the joint production with Hyundai / Rotem. Halkalı The manufacture of the suburban sets that will go between Gebze and Gebze continues in coordination with the Marmaray Project.
There is no problem right now, if there is no setback as of the end of 2013, delivery plans will be tried to be achieved. ”
- “We are an international company” -
Stating that they received a large number of orders from abroad, İnal said that the generator wagons, which were started to be manufactured in 2005 for Iraqi Railways, were delivered on May 28, 2006, and the project works for the order of 14 wagons from Iraq started.
Stating that they are able to meet the demands from all over the world, İnal said, “In 2012, 30 sleeper wagons were produced for the Bulgarian Railways. Test drives of these wagons are about to be completed. As Tuvasas, we are an international company. We are currently ordering from 5 countries. Now there is the capacity to meet all of them. ”

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