Turkey to 10 years 5 thousand km of high-speed trains gospel

Turkey to 10 years 5 thousand km of high-speed trains gospel
The Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission Chairman Ayhan Sefer Ustun, "Turkey will do throughout the five thousand kilometers of high-speed train line in the next 10 years," he said.
Speaking to the AA reporter about the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train project and the light rail system to be built in Sakarya, Üstün said that the AK Party government has invested heavily in rail systems, even though the importance given to the railways disappeared in the first years of the Republic.
Noting that the most important investment on the railways is the Istanbul-Ankara line, Üstün emphasized that the most important distribution center on the high speed line will be in Sapanca.
Stating that a large terminal will be built in Sapanca, Üstün said:
"A distribution activities will march from every part of Turkey Sapanca. Whatever Sabiha Gökçen Airport has added to the Pendik-Kartal region, the high-speed train terminal to be built in Sapanca will add value to both Sapanca and Sakarya. Therefore, our citizens should know this. Hopefully, the high-speed train line will be completed in 2013, and the high-speed train line and the Adapazarı Istanbul train line, which has been suspended, will also become operational. This project will add value to our city. We will do in the next 10 years in Turkey 5 thousand kilometers of high-speed train line. "
-Great experience for Büyükşehir-
Reminding that Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality also has serious projects regarding the light rail system, Üstün said, “The light rail system will be activated from the new terminal to the city center in Arifiye. As I care about this project, it is about the light rail system of the metropolitan city. kazanI also care about the experience he will have.”
Mayor Üstün, from the Arifiye-Central line of the Metropolitan Municipality kazanWith the experience he will have, he pointed out that the passenger transportation activity may expand to Yenikent, Söğütlü, Ferizli and even Karasu in the future.

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