Turgutlu Kemalpaşa railway will open

Turgutlu Kemalpaşa railway will open
Turgutlu Kemalpaşa railway connection line, whose foundation was laid by Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım in 2007 but delayed due to some malfunctions, has reached the final stage. İzmir Transportation Regional Manager Ömer Tekin said that the expropriation started for the construction of the end station, which will be located in Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone (KOSBİ), on the line where the rail flooring is finished. Tekin said, “We are now making the last touches. Welding operations on the rail line will also be completed this week. We started expropriation for the land of the end station to be built at the starting point in KOSBİ. Since KOSBİ lost its legal personality for a while in 2010, the expropriation of the 23 thousand square meters area that had to be expropriated here was delayed. At the beginning of 2012, when we declared to us that they would not be able to make expropriation at the end of our negotiations with KOSBİ, Minister Çavuşoğlu instructed us to put the railway line into service. We have now initiated the expropriation of the land required for the end station. We determined a station land of 40 acres. We will build the station, ”he said.
Tekin noted that they received approval for expropriations to be carried out in the area where the end station will be installed and stated that they will sit at the bargaining table with the land owners in the coming days. Tekin said the cost of the 27 kilometer is 140 million pounds. Tekin said that the 270 produced by the 3 company, which is in KOSBİ, will be transported by a million tons of product.

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