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Women's Hand in TÜLOMSAŞ
Last week, we visited Mr. Nebahat Sahin, Director of TULOMSAS Wagon Factory. Experienced, knowledgeable, attracted attention with the affinity and proximity to the issues. According to him, if efficiency, thought and trust are coordinated effectively, there is no reason to succeed in every field.
In fact, there is no difference between Turkish women and their western and eastern fellow citizens. They work actively in all stages of their lives. Many have a successful career line. Despite all kinds of obstacles, women in our country, to be successful according to the rules of men to play, or women do not need to be a woman, they know very well.
The Turkish woman had a respectable place in every period of history. As a matter of fact, it is known that Hakan and Hatun made joint decisions in the Turkish government in the past. Starting a written order only with the words “Hakan orders” was a valid reason not to submit to that order. The statement “Hakan and Hatun are ordering” showed that the command was valid. Hakan did not accept an envoy alone. Hakan and Hatun were present together in feasts, congresses, meetings, rituals and war and peace assemblies.
Turkish women achieved their political rights much easier than women in Western countries. Ataturk, to the woman, 3. In April 1930, participating in the municipal elections, 5 granted the right to vote and to be elected as a deputy in December 1934. In the first elections in 1935, 18 women entered the TGNA. However, these rights were not reflected in the desired level of political platform.
Of course, the rights of Turkish women should never be underestimated. Equality of opportunity for women in our country is provided not only in terms of the Civil Code but also in the political sphere, in the field of business.
The Turkish woman is more fortunate than the European women in terms of rights, because before the women of Switzerland, for example in the field of politics, Atatürk recognized this opportunity to the Turkish woman. Today, Turkish women can be the President of the Supreme Court and the Council of State. The President of the Constitutional Court may be the President.
In addition, there are also institutions, institutions and companies that provide women and senior positions. One of our companies is TÜLOMSAŞ. Mr. Nebahat ŞAHİN, Manager of the Wagon Factory working in the institution, Mr. Fatma Güzin Bilgin SAÇAN, Director of the APK Department, Mr. Şöhret YÖRÜK, Director of Press and Public Relations, Ayten BAYTAROĞLU, Information, experiences and experiences in the fields related to his work and units, they attract attention with their mastery of subjects and units.
Regarding his work with the Wagon Factory Manager Mr. Nebahat ŞAHİN sohbet we had the opportunity to He is competent, patient, resistant to events. It is respectful and conciliatory to different opinions and groups. It is an example for other managers with its thought, behavior and performance. It is the confidant and friend of the employees.
HE Mr. ŞAHİN, besides having features such as information, experience, listening, intuition and follow-up, being at the beginning of his job, directing the traffic of authority and responsibility, motivating his team, sharing success and failures, training his team, besides is an example of the expertise, affinity and proximity of the people they work with.
Wage Factory Manager Mr. ŞAHİN is responsible for the production, maintenance and revisions of TÜLOMSAŞ, Wagon Factory and various types of cargo wagons. The main manufactured wagons are; Sliding Side Wall, Tank, Borax, Container Carrier Platform, Ore, Grain, Slab, Tank Carrier Platform type wagons. The factory has a large machine park including CNC laser sheet cutting and CNC hydraulic presses. 421 wagons are built annually. 4 wagons can be built in the day. 250 people work in the wagon factory.
Ayten BAYTAROĞLU, the Press and Public Relations Manager, is friendly, tolerant, loving, honest and objective towards employees and visitors. In both the company and the company, in the relations with the public and the press, in the recognition of the target audience, the opinions of the institution, in the gathering and giving information about the performance, the performance that will be exemplary.
Of course, the share of General Manager Mr. AVCI in TÜLOMSAŞ's success is great. In the units, women, men, regardless of problems, discussing, discussing and producing solutions, and most importantly, TÜLOMSAŞ, living value, meaningful has created a medium that makes the institution. We have seen this clearly in the statements of Mr. Nebahat ŞAHİN, Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ Wagon Factory.
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