TULOMSAS Global Company

TULOMSAS Global Company
In Eskişehir, there are institutions / organizations and persons / persons who will not be underestimated. They are the face flu. Efficiency, quality, education and competition always take priority in these areas. It is also the driving force of efficiency, performance and development. However, the desired efficiency is proportional to a contemporary and rational team.
On the other hand, man is a social being. For this reason, it is necessary to work together and as a team. However, since people working in institutions / organizations have a different biological structure and different thinking structure, we must accept that working people are in different worlds. For this reason, the number of people, the more the number of problems we encounter and the more problems, the need to meet the natural.
In addition, each institution has the purpose and objective. The realization of these goals and objectives is possible by the fact that the institutions / organizations have happy employees. Because the happiness of the employee in an enterprise affects the performance and success of the enterprise.
We have institutions / organizations in Eskişehir that keep these facts alive. TÜLOMSAŞ, which we visited on Wednesday, is one of these organizations. At every visit, we witness a variety of methods and strategies. Every decision, goal and strategy taken is implemented with sacrifice, patience and determination despite all kinds of negativity.
The institution was restructured after TÜLOMSAŞ, General Manager Hayri AVCI, took office. Under his guidance, everyone working at the institution put his hands under the stone and assumed responsibility by its weight. Training, personnel, marketing trend, product development and expertise and manufacturing, capacity, especially KONOW-HOW ”sharing at TÜLOMSAŞ have reached the desired level and standards.
Serious studies were carried out in TÜLOMSAŞ to increase efficiency, quality and production. Employees were constantly motivated. Service awareness was instilled in the studies. In the face of problems, they were given time to think and decide. Continuous guidance was provided and assisted when necessary. Their strengths and successes were constantly appreciated. The employees were treated equally and fairly. The staff always said, “It was part of the solution, not the problem.
In TÜLOMSAŞ, internal and external trade, marketing-sales, accounting, finance, logistics, financial investment, etc., are the integral parts of the production. On the other hand, one of the most important tasks in the manufacturing business is the design process. Therefore, the target is continuous innovation.
TÜLOMSAŞ, target, locomotive, engine and subway vehicles manufacturing, existing technology, advanced technological level by bringing an efficient, profitable and competitive organization is to be. In the field of the Middle East and the Balkans, and a global brand of experts, Eskişehir, rail systems and tools to make the top of the tools.
After its R & D, TULOMSAS has become an enterprise with robot welding machines. This saves considerable time. Because the welding robot welds several meters of lengths in a clean and almost leak-free manner, even an experienced welder cannot. Thanks to robots, welding is done with care, high quality, efficiency is obtained.
In recent years, TÜLOMSAŞ has been experiencing a rapid change and restructuring process. Nationally and internationally, he has successfully represented his identity. In particular, along with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), there was an increase in costs and maintenance costs, an increase in customer service level and labor productivity. Production planning and resource management are exemplary.
TÜLOMSAŞ complies with the requirements of the quality management system it deserves, continuously improves the efficiency and processes of the system. It works by taking decisions based on data, encourages and supports innovative approaches, especially in the consciousness of protecting the environment, leads in quality and technology, determines continuous strategies to integrate with the sub-industry. Thanks to these objectives, it has achieved customer satisfaction and has become a preferred industrial enterprise by customers.
TÜLOMSAŞ is now a global company. For this reason, a global strategy including a manufacturing, logistics, marketing, product and R & D plan has been taken into consideration considering the world wide. It is also for serious work to balance between global plans, national and local sensitivities. For this reason, targets and strategies are aimed at improving quality at the institution. In order to achieve this, employees take the responsibility of other businesses, take responsibility, take risks and make sacrifices.
We congratulate the General Manager Mr. Hayri Avcı and his team.

Source : I www.istikbalgazetesi.co

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