Tüdemsaş Staff Payments

Tüdemsaş Staff Payments
In the framework of the authorization given for the year 2012, significant improvements have been made in Basic Fees.
In the General Directorate of TÜDEMSAŞ, 399 No. In the decision of the Supreme Planning Council published in 2011, significant improvements have been made in the Basic Wages of the personnel working on the schedule numbered within the framework of the authority granted for the year 2012. Since the year of 2005 as the Sivas Branch of the Turkish Transportation-Sen, the struggles and studies on this issue have yielded results. First of all, improvement has been achieved as a result of the works carried out by our Sivas Branch together with our General Manager Selim DURSUN last year, but the gap of the Basic Wage gap could not be completely cleared. and (TÜVASAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ) TÜDEMSAŞ personnel, except for some titles, the wage range has been largely, but not entirely, closed. For the titles where the difference between them has not been closed, Mr. TÜDEMSAŞ's General Manager's statements regarding the fact that this difference will be completely closed by using the authorization granted for the year 5 have been very pleased to us. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Mr. Yıldıray KOÇARASLAN and the Board of Directors who have taken a positive and important step to put an end to this unfair situation which has not been solved for years.

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