Trabzon Logistics Center The most important project of the new Silk Road

Trabzon Logistics Center The most important project of the new Silk Road
Eastern Black Sea Business Delegation Holds Official Contacts in Washington
Governor Cranberry; Olu The most important project of the new Silk Road is Trabzon Logistics Center “
Governor of Trabzon Recep Kizilcik presidency and predominantly composed of Trabzon businessmen delegation, work in the United States and review is ongoing.
On the first day of the visit, a joint conference was held with the Presidency of the American Turkish Council in addition to bilateral business negotiations. Afterwards, the Ministry of Commerce contacted to explain the investment and job opportunities in Trabzon and Eastern Black Sea. Priority sectors were promoted to improve cooperation. Turkey's Ambassador to Washington Namik Tan, has organized a reception in honor of the delegation.
Trabzon's logistics power was shared with US business circles, investment and trade cooperation requested
Governor of Trabzon President of Trabzon Business and Industry Chamber (TTSO) President M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu, Trabzon Commodity Exchange (TTB) President Şükrü Güngör Köleoğlu, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) Secretary General Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, Artvin Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Kurtul Özel, Ardeşen Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Recep Minillus, Market Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Neşet Çakır, Hopa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Engin Koyuncu, as well as a large number of businessmen from various sectors.
The work program organized by TTSO and supported by KOSGEB was organized by Trabzon ABIGEM. Ronald Reagan International Trade Center held bilateral business negotiations.
A delegation was met by the US Turkic Council and Trade Ministry officials before the meeting of the bilateral businessmen in the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center Building in Washington.
Governor Kızılcık Calls For US Businessmen
At the conference held in the hall, Trabzon Governor Dr. Recep Kızılcık made a presentation in English focusing on the global and global importance of Trabzon and the Eastern Black Sea Region, investment and cooperation opportunities. Stating that Trabzon is in a very important geopolitical position, Governor Cranberry, especially between East and West, is increasingly important today as it was in the past. kazanHe emphasized that the most important logistics center on the new Silk Road is Trabzon.
Realizing that there are many outstanding characteristics of Trabzon, Doganberry, business plan in the international plan, especially in the Silk Road, which the US businessmen invited to take advantage of this opportunity.
Cranberry, the logistics power of Trabzon, the Black Sea Basin, the Caucasus and Central Asian countries, cooperation, trade and investment in terms of creating opportunities for the Cranberry, in his speech, tourism, education, health and industrial products were also informed about.
Specifically, KTU has explained the structure of Technology Development Center, Innovation Center, which is established within the body of KTU and foreign investors are open to cooperation.
Cranberry Governor, for international sports events 9 separate competitions in the field of olympic competitions can be made in Trabzon, a very important place in the sport, referring to the city's famous Trabzonspor team, he said.
TTSO President M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu; ”East Black Sea businessmen are ready for joint investment and trade“
TTSO Chairman of the Board M. Suat Hacisalihoglu in his speech in the 4 thousand-year-old trade city of Trabzon, emphasizing that this feature preserves throughout the history of Trabzon is still an important trade center, he said.
Hacısalihoğlu President stated that the Government of Turkey to encourage investments in Trabzon, organized industrial zone established four world-class production that is done, voiced particularly around the neighboring countries, including realized export to world markets.
President Hacısalihoğlu, the region is an educational center because of the highly educated and the high number of engineers stressed.
Hacısalihoğlu; Ticaret Businessmen in the Eastern Black Sea have high trade experience “
Emphasizing that businessmen in the Eastern Black Sea have high trade experience in the international arena and are open to cooperation, Hacısalihoğlu stated that the purpose of the trip is to develop commercial relations with the USA.
Holmes, President of the American Turkic Council; "It should increase trade between Turkey and the US"
President of the American Turkish Council and former Ambassador to Turkey James Holmes, the need to increase trade between the United States and Turkey, said that the delegation of Trabzon in this sense, a very correct step forward.
Turkey is more positive than in the US economic growth, so this potential who expressed the need to use Holmes, US and Turkish businessmen with Turkey through cooperation agreements can be made regular trade between the US, the cooperation of the US and Turkish businesses, he said should be supported in this regard.
Corey Wright; Ihraç Apply for exporting Turkish hazelnut to the US, don't be late “
Another lecturer at the conference, US Department of Commerce Officer Corey Wright informed especially about the introduction of food products into the US market.
Wrigth, reminiscent of new regulations on imports of food products into the United States, pointed out that Turkish hazelnuts should be opened in the US market in this sense. Wright later said:
Dık As the US government, we have just made some procedural decisions in the trade of products in the food sector. For this purpose, certain analysis and analysis results must be complied with for the introduction of food products into the USA. You must apply for the direct export of Turkish hazelnuts from the United States to the United States.
No food product can enter the US without these analyzes. An analysis and subsequent process takes a couple of years after the minimum application. The applicant not to lose time in the US market for Turkey's hazelnut must do it now. "
After the program, the Ministry of Commerce delegation to Turkey Trabzon Istanbul and Ankara, he added.
The Eastern Black Sea delegation also held official meetings with the US Department of Commerce.
The ministry held an hour-long meeting with the delegation headed by Jay A. Burgess, Director of the International Trade Office, European Union Countries. During the meeting, the Governor of Trabzon and informing the region. Recep Kızılcık, Trabzon, an introductory document presented to the delegation.
The delegation participated in the meeting and the Trabzon Logistics Center, which has come to the fore in Trabzon, informed the investment opportunities such as technology and innovation center. The potential of Trabzon in education, health and tourism areas was emphasized.
Reminding that the international military forces that were withdrawing from Afghanistan were using the logistical advantages of Trabzon, Governor Kızılcık said, ı Germany, Belgium and Sweden are gradually withdrawing from Afghanistan using the Trabzon Airport and Port. This development is an important indicator of how important Trabzon is in logistics. This logistics advantage should be used for many cooperation, especially in trade and investment. Bu
Noting that Trabzon has a very advantageous position especially for the Russian Federation and Georgia with the Black Sea Basin and the Caucasus countries, Governor Kızılcık stated that olmak Trabzon has no international trade advantages in any other province Trabzon.
Director Jay A. Burgess, Governor Dr. Rexhepi said they were quite impressed by the presentation of Cranberry Trabzon, Istanbul later this month in the visit to Turkey and stressed that they plan to visit, as well as his contacts in Ankara and Trabzon.
Governor Kızılcık and Mayor Hacısalihoğlu answered questions of Turkish media in Turkish Embassy
Governor Dr. Cranberry, Trabzon's logistics power of the US business circles said they share the statement, ım We as the Eastern Black Sea Region, mainly Trabzon businessmen, including Trabzon Governorship and Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry in our organization and together with our 51 business man to the United States weekly business travel.
Washington and talks to be held in New York in progress, here to promote our region and Trabzon in the eastern Black Sea and Turkey's investment opportunities and opportunities have come with a purpose. In the first day of the bilateral business meeting, we shared the geopolitical position of Trabzon and the opportunities and opportunities to become an important logistic base in the international globalized world with the business circles in America. ilk
Then passed to the Ministry of Commerce
Kızılcık continued his speech as follows: “At the afternoon meeting there, we discussed the potential potential for investment in the Eastern Black Sea Region. And we had the opportunity to discuss the investment opportunities and commercial opportunities that may come from our country. Of course, especially Trabzon and East Black Sea Region has a very strategic position in terms of logistics. When you consider the map, the closeness between East and West was provided from Trabzon, which was formerly known as the silk road.
In this sense, we have expressed that Trabzon can be a logistics center. Indeed, as you all know, indeed, Western countries are withdrawing their powers from Afghanistan. Germany, Belgium and Sweden are withdrawing from Afghanistan using the Trabzon Airport and port.
We think that the US will use this way and prefer. With this logistics advantage, Trabzon is also in a position to provide the most convenient and easy access to both Black Sea Countries, Caucasus, Russia and Turkmenistan. On the other hand, it meets the 75 percent of the world's hazelnut production in Turkey, even those that produce nuts 80 percent in Trabzon and the eastern Black Sea region. Therefore, there is a lot of potential in terms of recognition of hazelnuts in the US and investment in our region.
Following the contacts made in Washington, a delegation from the US Department of Commerce in consultancy will go to Turkey this month. Trabzon and Ankara also welcomed their contacts in Istanbul and Ankara. Turkey is already the world's 16. is the largest economy. 2023 has goals. So I kind of opportunities in the new world order, in particular, I hope that the development of bilateral relations between the US and Turkey. "
Chairman Hacısalihoğlu; ”This is a long-term project“
TTSO President M. Suat Hacisalihoglu underlined that the visit to the US is not a meeting and it is a long-term project.
“It's good to say clearly. This program of the Ministry of Economy in our country before you do, and Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union in our negotiations with our results, we came here with their support.
We were really very pleased. Apart from the issues mentioned by our governor, Trabzon has become a health center. We all know that Turkey is quite cheap in terms of health.
It is an expensive sector in developed countries. At this stage we can say that we have received such a concrete cooperation proposal in the health sector. Other than that, our arrival here isn't just a meeting. A program is a long-term program within a project. I would like to thank all those who contributed to our businessmen here to trade with the United States.

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