Trabzon Logistics Center

Trabzon Logistics Center
IT DOES NOT HAVE A “LOGISTICS CENTER” FOR TRABZON. TRABZON VALİSİ DR. RECEP KIZILCIK: - "OUR LOGISTIC LOCATION MUST BE OUR DESTINATIONS FOR THE INCOME PER CAPITA TO BE 20-25 THOUSAND DOLLARS. HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY AND GLOBAL ECONOMY MAKE US THIS IS A TOUR. Stating that Trabzon should be transformed into a logistics center in transportation and shipment, Recep Kızılcık said, “Our location of Trabzon Logistics Center should be indispensable for our income per capita to be 20-25 thousand dollars”. Trabzon Governor Dr. who attended the TTSO November Assembly Meeting. Recep Cranberry, logistics center and the city about the place of tourism by giving a speech about the Ortahisar Project gave information about. As the Governorship of Trabzon, Governor Kızılcık shared the results of his work on the average length of stay and daily spending trends of the tourists coming to the city with the members of the Assembly and said, “As of 2012, in the first 10 months of this year, especially 55 thousand Arab and Azerbaijani tourists came to our city. The number of our visitors from various countries of the USA has increased significantly compared to the previous year. We see that this has already become almost noticeable in all sectors of our city. In other words, we see that not only certain sectors benefit more with the all-inclusive system, as in a certain region of our country, but it directly affects different sectors in a positive way, from staying, staying, eating and drinking, ”he said. Stating that they have determined the spending tendencies of the tourists coming to Trabzon, Governor Cranberry said, “When we look at the expenditures of the guests coming from the USA and Canada, we found that the average stay time is 3 days and the average daily expenditure is around 31 dollars. Visitors from European countries have also come to the airport by renting a car they visit the region, the average length of stay is 4 days, and we found that the daily spending rates are 100 dollars. 3. There is a significant increase in the number of visitors from the Arab countries. We see that they come by air more because of the Syrian crisis by air, they carry out their transportation by renting cars, average stay times 5 days and daily spending rates are 306 dollars. They say that their expectations are met to a great extent, but that they are demanding to increase the number of hotels, in particular to increase the standard of accommodation. Visitors from the Far East countries, we come again by the tour by bus, the duration of the stay is 3 days and we see that the daily spending is 116 dollars. When we consider 4 thousand of our guests, especially Arabs, which we divided into 55 groups (in the first ten months), we can easily say that each Arab who comes to us leaves us 1500 dollars, which is 100 million dollars annually ”. “2 NEW HOTELS WILL BE CARRIED UP TO THE 2014 TOURISM SEASON” Governor Kızılcık, who also touched on the efforts to eliminate the problem of places where visitors can stay, said, “We gave two lands belonging to the Special Provincial Administration to the companies by tender. One of them was Saudi businessman and the other was given to our common compatriots with the Arabs. The application of the Ministry of Economy for the land of the private administration, for which we held the first tender, is being made today. Once they receive it, the municipality will receive an investment permit or construction permit until 22 December 2012. Within this year, 2012, they will actually have laid the groundwork. When we were allocating this, we had run the following condition to them. This hotel will be completed before the 2014 Presidential elections. Although some delays have occurred, we can still easily say that our goal is the goal that can be realized. The other 7 month is the approval of the other land allocated for all the land allocation is made before the prime minister. His transactions are about to be completed right now. He's doing a research, and when he's done, he will be assigned. It is also targeted to be completed within 2014 year. In other words, we will have trained two five-star hotels for the tourism season of 2014 ”. Noting that the World Trade Center has become unable to respond to demands, Governor Kızılcık said, “DTM has a fairground. This area is an area of ​​4 thousand square meters. We are unable to respond to our demands. Feasibility studies are carried out for the use of the exhibition area as a multi-purpose hall and as a hotel. In this sense, we will bring at least 3 hotels to Trabzon with the public facilities. We also encounter these criticisms. "What is the point of building new hotels while the hotels are still empty?" They may be right, but 21. While investing in the XNUMXst century, you analyze your situation analysis of the environment you are in, but if you only analyze according to your current situation, you will never be successful. “NATO WITHDRAWS FROM AFGHANISTAN OVER ?? TRABZON” Governor Kızılcık emphasized the strategic position of Trabzon in his speech and said: “Trabzon has such a strategic position; The international NATO force is withdrawing from Afghanistan, the accumulation that has been done for years must be taken back to their countries. In this sense, they determine that Trabzon is in the most strategic position, bring their military equipment to Trabzon by air, take them to the sea port under our supervision and ship them to their own countries by ship. Although we have not thought of it ourselves, it provides employment to hundreds of people because of the importance of this location. The German shipment will take 2.5 for years. There's a US. The amount allocated to it is 2.4 billion dollars, continues his talks. As a city that aims to be a center in regional development, why not turn our city into Trabzon Logistics Center for goods shipment, which is already seen as a logistics center by some people. I say that the goal of Trabzon logistics center is indispensable in order to increase the national income per capita in Trabzon to 25 thousand dollars. There may be some delays in front of this, perhaps due to the fact that we live in our own city, because of our own corn, but history, geography and the global economy dictate this to us ”. “WE MUST LAY IN ANKARA FOR THE TRAIN ROAD” Stating that the Train Road must be brought to Trabzon, Governor Kızılcık said “In order to bring the train route from Erzincan to Trabzon, let's be one and sleep at the gates of Ankara if necessary. In order to realize the Trabzon Logistics Center, we need to bring the railway to Trabzon as soon as possible. This is the way we want to do this without any political discrimination, this is one of the most important projects. There are also hotels where our private sector is preparing to do. In Trabzon, there is an obligation to realize and present the hotel supply at the requested standard. Also it does not only the size of the hotel. It also has the size of the apartment buildings being taken at the sites as well. I can say that the ten apartments of a new construction I personally witnessed are the attempts of businessmen from Arab countries. They personally told me that Arabs bought a block of a site in Kaşüstü. This actually brings along the establishment of peace in the global world, ”he said.
Within the framework of our goal of becoming a tourism center, there is a need to highlight our historical and cultural values ​​in the light of our 4 thousand years of history. We thought that it is indispensable to revive Ortahisar in order to be able to say, "We did not only live as consumers in this city, which is the city of civilization, we also created a civilization, we created and maintain human values, which are the basic elements of civilization," and in this sense, our university, our municipality and TTSO We have put forward an important will to perform the restoration of this place in accordance with the original. We took a step in this direction as well, agreeing to approximately 2 million TL, we asked a company to prepare a 3D restoration project for this place. By the end of this year, it is being completed on a project basis. In doing this, we have no thought of displacing anyone. Our main idea is to give the message that this region, where the first Muslim Turks settled with the Conquest in 1461, was built by our ancestors and ancestors in accordance with our own culture and architectural understanding and continued their lives there in line with their own culture. First of all, we have done this as a requirement of respect for our ancestors. We're going to have addressed Turkey to the world that we come here, but we've built our own understanding of architecture and we continue it. This city, not us, will decide how this place will be restored and operated.

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