Trabzon's Railway Imagination Does Not Happen due to High Cost

Trabzon's Railway Imagination Does Not Happen due to High Cost
Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Head of Transportation Department Dr. Fazıl Celik, the history of the Ottoman Empire since the railroad, not one of the reasons for the high cost of debates, he said.
Stating that politicians can bring the railway to Trabzon in any way if they want to do so, Çelik said, "Since the establishment of KTÜ, we have written that the fate of the Black Sea is dependent on the railway and it is always the railway that will revive the historical Silk Road and we have produced projects on this subject." Trabzon's Railway Dream).
Stating that Hopa Port connects to Batumi with a short connection, Çelik said, “It is necessary to come starting from the Sarp Border Gate, not only Hopa. Erzincan-Trabzon, Hopa connection is not rival to each other. Hopa-Batum railway connection has been worked on in the 90s in recent years, but connecting Trabzon Port to the inner parts is a dream that has been going on for 150 years. It is not something that is not integrated into the world and that remains. The Black Sea waterway, the Danube waterway, Iran, the Middle East, and the shortest connection to the Black Sea is via Trabzon, not via Samsun. It is via the Eastern Black Sea ports, this connection is present in Atatürk's projects by Abdülhamid Han ”.
Çelik stated that ITU also carried out studies in the 1980 of the railway. N Finally, in the year of 2009, DLH operated the same route to a private company and now the project has been delivered. Together with the fast train move, we produced a wide variety of alternatives by working with our own hands to finish our own work without the support of the USA. The unsteady steep mountains were crossed with short tunnels. And they are very short connections. We sent these works to the Prime Ministry and the DLH, and they can be used for them Bu.
Stating that the reason for the lack of railway to Trabzon is very mountainous and burdensome, Çelik said, “Not only to Trabzon, but also to Trabzon via Bayburt, which is from Tercan Aşkale, who is in Atatürk's projects, by using Bayburt, Erbaş in the east of Trabzon. We worked on the connections to Of and Yeniay Shipyard Port, as well as to Trabzon via Araklı and Arsin. These are just route works. We have demonstrated that we have revealed that this can be a high-speed train with our current standards on the horizontal plan and vertical route. 10 transportation councils were built, in all of them Erzincan-Trabzon Railway connection is available as a route. Black Sea does not exist in the high-speed rail plan targets to 2023 targets. Trabzon does not exist because it is very mountainous and burdensome. Throughout history, one of the reasons why no railroad has been able to come to Trabzon since the Ottomans is not discussions but these high costs, if he wants to do political will, he can do it in any way, this decision is a matter of will. When the political will decides, it determines the route and makes the tender. Two sentences our transport minister said in the face of these discussions; "Geography determines the route, finds the railway" he said.
Stating that it is important to connect Trabzon with Batumi railway. Dr. Steel, said:
Bu It is important to connect to the Batumi railway but there is also a problem. As far as I know, the Georgians don't look too hot on this project. They don't want the cause to compete with their ports. Hopa and Trabzon do not want a connection to the port. But we can persuade Georgians to do this, not just connect the port of Hopa to the port of Trabzon, but this route will go to Erzincan, Diyarbakir, Iran, Middle East through these ports and will form a very important international trade corridor. It is very important to open this corridor to the whole of Europe.

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