Tokat's Environment Path Longing Ends

Efforts to gain momentum in the period of the AK Party in Tokat, the work on the ring road, which cost 50 million TL, is finished.
There have been many problems in Tokat, including long-term expropriation, which has been waiting on the shelves for many years and started to work in 2004. The ring road, which could not be completed in the promised time due to the changed and unexpected faults of the project, was made ready for opening as of the end of 2012.
14 December 2012 On the way to be opened by Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim on Friday, the AK Party Tokat Provincial President Eyup Eroglu made statements to the press members. AK Party Eroglu, approximately 8 kilometers of highways into the divided road network of highways said. President Eroğlu underlined that Tokat was surrounded by mountains and that there were some delays in the ring road and that there were some delays. Iğ In particular, the problem of expropriation was one of the reasons that caused the road to become so. But it was solved in these problems. Today our way is ready for opening. I wish to be auspicious auspicious. Hayır
President Eroğlu stated that the applications for the bid for the double road works on the Tokat-Niksar highway were received and the competencies of the companies were examined. S We hope that the legal procedure will be completed in the first 2013 of the 6 year in the Tokat-Niksar road. Zile-Alaca road is divided into a divided road network. The tender will be held in 2013. With the completion of this road from Tokat to Ankara 420 kilometer, 360 will fall to the kilometer. In addition, with the improvement of weather conditions in Sivas road from Çamlıbel will reach the hot asphalt until the entrance of Tokat. I think now that the roads connecting us to the surrounding provinces will be at the hot asphalt, so I think there should be another development. Artık

Source: IHA



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