Nostalgic tram started, but revealed the realities of the city

Initially; Only nostalgic tram that was intended to give a new identity to Cumhuriyet Street.
From Istanbul; The intention was to create a visual material for the two tramways that were brought from Istiklal Street and placed on the rails after technical maintenance.
The intense demand for two trams running on the opposite side of the Cumhuriyet Street, as well as the surprise of the municipal authorities, revealed that the line had to be extended.
So much so;
Started as a nostalgic tram in Bursa, it was a savior from the lack of transportation systems and the lack of alternatives in Bursa.
It was seen that thousands of people flocked to the tram.
The management of the Metropolitan Municipality rolled up their sleeves and this time they took the modern-looking trams and extended the rails of the nostalgic tram to Tayyareci Mehmet Ali Street.
However, as the rails extend, the demand has also increased.
In Bursa, the previously unknown tram was almost a savior in Bursa.
Lines extended to Davutkadı.
Now the new target, Yesilyayla, Ertugrulgazi and then the residence.
In this direction, statistics came from the Metropolitan Municipality.
Initially started as a nostalgic tram, and the scene of the objections of the tram that carried the 7 thousand passengers per day was transferred, we were surprised at hearing this number.
Not only these tables and statistics even revealed the following 4 reality once again.
Bursa city center has been used hoyrat so far, how the city drowned by the accumulation of all vehicle density in the center.
The only salvation of Bursa, which could not be opened to alternative routes, was the widespread use of rail system in Europe for many years.
It turned out that the dolmus and minibuses that block the traffic of the city and increase the noise and density should be taken out of the transportation system.
In order to save Bursa center, it was seen that local administrations should decide for the benefit of the city with political will without making populism and without considering political rent.

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