Kars Logistics Center Speaked in the Assembly

Kars Logistics Center Speaked in the Assembly
Kars Deputy Ahmet Arslan Speaks at the Parliament on the Budget of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications
For the AK PARTY GROUP AHMET ARSLAN (Kars) - Mr. President, dear deputies; I have also spoken out on behalf of our group on the 2013 budget of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. I sincerely greet you all.
Of course, the aviation industry, the speed, confidence, safety and even at the same time, the economy with the AK PARTY government have been included in this, and it has an important place in the transportation sector. Aviation is an indispensable sector, especially in an environment where the global economy or globalizing world borders. This sector, which was opened to competition with the AK PARTY governments, was excluded from the Turkish Airlines monopoly, many airlines were established together with this, but Turkish Airlines has also grown, and this sector has already reached the goals that the world says it can reach in 2015 or even after 2015. has reached today.
The number of aircraft, which was 160, increased more than 2 times today and reached 372. Seating capacity increased by 137 percent from 27.600 to 65 thousand. Cargo capacity has actually increased more than that. Approximately, 100 thousand jobs have been created in the last ten years and 151 thousand people have been employed in this sector. This sector has made a contribution to the economy of around 30 billion Turkish liras.
Again, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation has become popular especially in Europe with its inspections. While there are agreements with 81 countries on the basis of international agreements, the aviation agreement was increased to 141.
Again, mainly due to the development of aviation and civil aviation sectors in Turkey, Turkey is not the only players in this sector, the rule has come to put the case. D-8 Civil Aviation Commission Presidency, ECAC Vice President, EUROCONTROL Interim Council Coordination Committee Vice President, EUROCONTROL SRC Vice President of Safety Regulatory Commission, JAA-TO Vice President, ICAO Europe North Atlantic Regional Aviation Security Group Vice President and Thus, he has become the player who rules and directs the industry in this sector.
However, SAFA / SANA their control, in particular, Turkey has taken place with a value far below the 0,62 points 0,97'n in Europe and examples to the case.
However, especially the civil aviation sector set important goals in 2023: It is aimed to increase the number of aircraft to 750, increase passenger capacity to 386 million and increase the number of passengers to 350 million annually. However, we know that cross-sectoral integration is very important in transportation. If you take the railroad not only to the airport, but to the airport, to make your road standard much higher, if you can access the ports and reach the sea, you will get much better efficiency in the transportation industry. From this point of view, Kars, which is my city, also gets its share in this sense. The aviation industry is dazzling with its 3.000 / 45 runway and its new terminal.
In addition, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project is continuing to work as a pride for our country.
Again, the Kars-Iğdır-Nakhchivan railway is planned to go to Nakhchivan, Iran, perhaps Islamabad through our country and its works are being carried out.
High-speed trains are the pride of all of us, going to Kars step by step, we are aware of this and again, these three roads are included in the investment program in terms of railroad, regarding the construction of a logistics center in Kars. The works of the Ministry and the General Directorate of Railways in this regard continue.
Making the divided roads hot asphalt continues all over Kars.
I gave Kars an example, I am sure that you will take this sample and multiply it by 81. Turkey will receive a share of each location.
I would like to thank our governments, Mr. Minister and his team very much.

Source : I www.karsmanset.co

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