Court cancels UKOME's decision on Atakum-Türk İş Light Rail Line

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality UKOME's decision regarding the route of Atakum-Türk İş Light Rail System Line on 19 August 2011 was canceled as a result of the lawsuit filed by the minibus drivers. In its reasoned decision, the court found that the lines to feed the rail system were insufficient.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Coordination Center (UKOME) decided to change the route for the Atakum-Türk Business Dolmus Line, which carries passengers between Atakum and İlkadım districts. Following the decision, following the direction of Rıhtım Caddesi-Fuar Caddesi-Çifte Hamam Kavağı (turn) Fair Avenue, for minibuses working on the Atakum-Türk-İş line, by returning from the storage location of Atakum district, Cağaloğlu Caddesi, returning from Barış Avenue-Atatürk Boulevard side road-Atatürk Boulevard-Liman Junction. It was compulsory to meet at the place between the Regional Directorate of Transportation and the Free Zone, and not to enter Atatürk Boulevard in return.
Working on the Atakum-Türk İş Dolmuş Line, which was restricted from entering the inner regions of the Atakum district with the change of the route, MY brought the matter to the Regional Administrative Court. The court recently announced its reasoned decision in the last hearing on 17 October 2012 and unanimously canceled the decision taken by the UKOME by the Metropolitan Municipality, with an appeal to the Council of State. In addition, the court ruled that a total of 677 liras, including a 200 lira judgment expense and a 2 877 lira attorney fee, were received from the defendant Metropolitan Municipality.
In the reasoned decision of the court expert report, it is stated that the citizens living in the inner parts of the Atakum district about the change in the route experienced difficulties in transportation due to insufficient lines to feed the rail system; and his spirit, which is contrary to the spirit of public benefit.

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