TCDD will learn competition

TCDD will learn competition
Active transport on the railways will be thanks to the government's contribution to the process in line with the government's 2013 targets. Currently, private carriers, with a carrying capacity of 3.5 million tons, are waiting for the legal ground to be established just as in the Land Transport Law.
European Directives and Screening Process set radical targets in front of the Turkish bureaucracy in transportation, especially on railways. As the projects were brought, they put important funds in front of them. Railways are preparing to enter a more competitive process with the support of decision-makers in the 59th and 60th government. Veteran and loyal staff of TCDD are confused by the entrepreneurs of the private sector who are developing projects and taking more initiatives in transport to the EU and neighboring countries (TCDD will learn about the competition). While the project and objectives are processing the calendar, the parties want the competition to take place in a set of rules for a certain discipline. While TCDD is based on the German school in Europe, private carriers are competing to become more profitable and more priority in the sector by examining the world liberalization regimes to the finest point. The Railway Transporters Association (DTD), which is based on completely different criteria for production and employment that will force TCDD beyond the union formations, showed that they would not be excluded from the events in the 2008-2013 period, saying 'We want to have a voice when principles and legal process are formed'. The Marmaray rail will invest in Turkey, established for the high speed train sets ROTEM company and ROTEM company received the iron and steel factory for the production plan showed the rail planning. The routes that have not been touched for years have been overhauled. The private sector to take the initiative, and was even allowed to invest in certain meetings to represent Turkey abroad.

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