TCDD Hosted Railvet Project

With the support of the European Union, Ministry of National Education, TCDD, Hak-Is Confederation and International Railway Union, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, providing training in the field of rail system technologies, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, Railvet Project, seminar and final meeting 5 December 2012 began with the concert of TCDD Choir in TCDD conference hall.
The Railvet Project, which for the first time revised the framework training programs for European railway traffic professions, is seen as an important step for sustainable operation among countries. The fact that project outputs will be recommended to all member countries by the International Railway Union further increases its importance.

In his speech at the meeting, TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman; Tedir In the world transportation modes, the most economical, cost-effective and long-lasting, non-petroleum-dependent, environmentally friendly railway system is being integrated into international railway projects. Countries that want to have a voice in the world economy, especially in the European Union countries, are calculated to invest in 2025 trillion dollars by 1 to the railway sector to create transportation corridors to countries and regions that are the center of economic mobility. Our country, which is in the process of integration into the European Union, considers railway transportation as a state policy and allocates significant resources. As a result of this policy; Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir high-speed train lines were completed and put into service. Currently, the construction of Ankara-Sivas and Eskişehir-Istanbul high-speed train lines is underway. Construction of Ankara-Bursa high-speed train lines has started. 2023 is a thousand kilometers high speed train and 10 thousand kilometer conventional line construction until 4. the necessary road map for the project. The existing rail network, vehicle fleet is renewed… signaling and electrical works are being carried out sistem Logistic centers are being built bağlan Production centers and organized industrial zones are connected to the main railway edil Urban rail system projects are being carried out çalış Advanced rail industry is being developed… railway sector is one of the most dynamic sectors someone is becoming. birisi

While railway transportation is the priority sector and it is the main objective of developing the training foot, they focus on in-service training programs in order to meet the need of qualified labor force. Duman also stated that they developed international cooperation in the field of education and that most of the young people graduated from these schools were employed in TCDD and rail systems became a preferred profession. Uz We provide international accreditation of our training centers across Europe, especially with UIC and the European Union, and ensure the mutual recognition of the professional competence of our staff. We share our experiences in these projects with the Middle East Railway Training Center (MERTce) and Middle East and other countries in our region. We also care about the Railvet project, which was launched in cooperation with the EU. Within the scope of the project, it is a great success that the framework training programs for traffic professions have been established for the first time in Europe. Transferring the framework program to the European Crediting System is also an important step for interoperability. The fact that UIC is a partner in this project and will recommend the project outputs to all its members increases the importance of the project. U

Nail Adalı, Head of Education and Training Department, is the milestone in the technical education of the Railvet Project. It is an important step towards the EU. As time goes by, the importance of this project will be better understood. Zaman

Project Manager Recep Ünlüler; he said that there are dizzying developments in science and technology, there are difficulties in finding qualified intermediate staff in all sectors, the need for qualified intermediate personnel in the rapidly developing railway sector has increased, Railvet project will meet this need by bringing international standard and credit facility in education.

On behalf of the project partners Italian Brunella Lucarini at the meeting; He said the Railvet project will be transferred to the European lending system and is an important step for interoperability in the railway sector.

Martin Nemecek, the representative of the Czech Republic, on behalf of the project partners; 'N TCDD has made great progress in recent years. We are proud of this, which means the need for qualified personnel. It is very important that the trainings in the railway sector become standardized, harmonized and become internationally valid. Demiryolu

UIC representative Nathalie Amirault on behalf of the partners; Kurul UIC was founded in 1970 with 29 members. Today the number of members has reached 200. TCDD is an active member. UIC aims to develop the railway sector worldwide. Education is also an important part of this objective. We would recommend Railvet, an important project in vocational education, to member countries. Mesleki

On behalf of the National Development Agency, Celil Yaman said that their aim is to gain recognition of the information received in vocational training in the international system and to increase their competitiveness and employment.
Hak-İş Vice Chairman Mustafa Toruntay said,, As Hak-İş, we support all projects. In recent years, we provided employment to approximately one thousand people and provided employment. Our next work will be to provide integration with the world in the field of education. “He said.
Head of Department of Vocational Qualifications Authority Ahmet Gözüküçük; Te With the developments in our country in recent years, international integration is required in professional competence as in all fields. It is very important to determine professional standards and to document this in an international manner. We continue to cooperate with TCDD in rail systems Ray
Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Vocational Education Group President Şennur Çetin in his speech; Esi High-quality people are needed to develop countries. As the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education, we have partnered in many national and international projects. The Railvet Project has been carried out successfully in the scope of rail systems technology.

Within the scope of the Railvet Project, which was realized with the support of EU total 462 thousand Euro; rail systems area operating and traffic branch education programs will be adapted to the European Vocational and Technical Education Credit System.

The project, which will increase the quality of the labor force in the field of rail systems, aims to harmonize and improve the training of rail systems in the EU and UIC member countries.

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