TCDD passengers will receive new tickets

TCDD passengers will receive new tickets
The new Y / 20 Circular has been issued. If TCDD passengers lose the ticket, it will be written that they have lost the ticket they bought, then they will apply with both tickets, the money will be given if the ticket has not been returned / change, then the time limit is not certain. There is no time limit, then tens of thousands of tickets are sold for an unlimited period of time, but for some reason this type of transaction is not implemented. No official from tcdd thinks why no officials lose their ticket, this provision is not applied. Even with the probability of one in a thousand, if a ticket is lost in every thousand tickets, at least 100 people lose their tickets a day. This is the most complaint on complaint sites. For example, click the link and read the complaint. It is a very interesting complaint. In these cases, many stations print the ticket details on A4 paper and there is no problem.
Otherwise, the passenger-box officer is facing. The statement of the box office officer eats. Complaint to the investigation, etc. This is done despite the lack of. What is left in the position of the complainers do not leave the box office officials. 20 hours for continuous return in the event of the waiting time reduced to 3 hours. the future is not certain.It is a non-refundable rule in the case of the city.It is also a rule not applied to regional trains.The 1 hours in the region trains too long. will be given to the next trains; No matter what happens in the complaint, the box office officer looked at the end of the complaints, looked at the side, insulted, behaved badly, even the footnote is the center of the complaint, it is treated as if it was the main issue. and understand why the system is creating its own legislation.

Source: TCDD Box Office

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