TCDD History and Nostalgic Images

TCDD History and Nostalgic Images
The history of the railway in the Ottoman territory (History of TCDD), 1851 in the year 211 in Cairo-Alexandria railway line with the concession of the date, the current national borders in the 23 1856 130 XNUMX XNUMX in the year of the Izmir-Aydin Railway line is given the privilege.
Ottoman Railways was governed by the Turuk and Meabir (Road and Construction) Department of the Ministry of Public Works for a time. 24 In September 1872, the Railways Administration was established to realize the construction and operation of the railway.
The 4.136 km section of the Ottoman period remained within our national borders. 2.404 kilometers of these lines of foreign companies, the 1.377 kilometer was operated by the state.
After the establishment of the Republic and the decision to nationalize the railways (History of TCDD) 24 May 1924 date and 506 Law and the sonra Anatolia-Baghdad Railways Directorate General CD were established under the Ministry of Public Works (Ministry of Public Works) for the railway operation. In order to ensure the construction and operation of the railways as the first independent management unit in the field of railways, the ve General Directorate of State Railways and Ports UM was established with the date of 31 May 1927 and the Law No. 1042. The General Directorate of State Railways and Ports was connected to the Ministry of Transport (Ministry of Transport) established in 27 May 1939. Lines operated before and during the Republic of Turkey were purchased from 1928-1948 and nationalized.
22 July 1953 until the date supplementary budget Our organization is managed as a state administration, on that date, depending on the extracted 6186 Law No. Department of Transportation "Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD)" has been turned into a state owned enterprise under the name.
(TCDD History) Finally, with the date and 08.06.1984 233 and ortak State Economic Enterprise AS, TCDD, which has three subsidiaries, namely TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ, is still operating as the related institution of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

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