Express Train Description from Tcdd General Directorate

Express Train Description from Tcdd General Directorate
TCDD General Directorate said in a statement, no matter what reason for the citizens of the railway to enter the railway line to enter the dangerous and forbidden said.
In a written statement from the Press and Public Relations Consultancy Department of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), reminding the news about the previous day delay of high-speed trains and news about the Elvankent Underpass in the press. Basın is an exceptional case. High-speed trains continue with their exceptions as planned. Ankara-Eskişehir-Ankara and Ankara-Sincan and Hasanbey-Eskişehir section of the capital and Eskişehir Garage construction work due to the Ankara-Eskişehir trains in the average 27 minutes of delays in planning. The sub-parade at the Elvankent suburban stop has been built along with the stall and the 2012 has been serving for years. A second subway is one thousand meters away from the passageway. In further studies to improve the Elvankent Underpass, the underpass has not been closed in any way and it has been left open in accordance with the continuous pedestrian crossing. For whatever reason, it is dangerous and forbidden for citizens to cross the walls of the railway and enter the railway line. While the subway is used, it is not the fact that the citizens are not using the underpass by leaping over the contracts and the TCDD does not take the measure as if it is taking measures day.

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