Fast Train revolts residents of Cumhuriyet neighborhood

In Cumhuriyet District, apartment residents, who thought that garden walls, water reservoirs and trees would be damaged due to high-speed train works,
Within the scope of high-speed train works, İzmit Cumhuriyet Mahallesi nde, insanların raylara inmesini önlemek amacıyla duvar örülmesi için yapılan çalışmalardan zarar göreceğini düşünen vatandaşlar tedirgin. Cephesi tren yoluna bakan 9 apartmanın yöneticisi, çalışmalar kapsamında, kendi mülkleri olan alanların yıkılacağını belirterek buna engel olunmasını istedi. Yüksek hızlı tren çalışması yapan Kolin İnşaat firması yetkilileri ile Devlet Demir Yollar Bölge Müdürü Hasan Gedikli ise tren yoluna inilmesini önlemek için duvar örüleceğini ama kimsenin arazisine girilmeyeceğini söyledi.
Cumhuriyet Mahallesi
's on the front of the railway station Sogacak, Balaban, Dogar, Kiyikent, Coruh, Dogus, Pirelli, Isil and the Republic of apartment managers, the facades of the apartment buildings facing the railway road, without asking them the excavation and demolition work was done and during the studies, the trees in the areas of their own property will be removed. said that water tanks with garden walls will be demolished. The executives rebelled to be asked to do this without being asked.
Director of Pirelli Apartment Saadettin Yilmaz, located just next to the apartment building and the bridge just a few meters away during the destruction, claimed that the apartment will be damaged and already asked for action to be taken. Yilmaz said that no one knows anything about the destruction of the bridge, “If they use the technology with all the means to do no harm to the apartment. If we do damage the apartment, who are we going to ask? Let no one come in contact with us, ”he said.
The residents of the apartment, the high-speed train line of the work of Kolin Construction officials can not find a way out
Regional Railway Director Hasan Gedikli came to the region. Gedikli said that they had no intention of entering anyone's land. Hasan Gedikli, mek When the high-speed train starts, we are building a wall in order to prevent people from falling into the railway, except for the stops. We're gonna build a wall in this area. In order to weave the wall, we need to dig a hole D.
Apartment managers, in their own land to work in the walling, trees, especially the damage to the walls and water tanks to avoid damage requested.
The executives said, bize Why didn't this issue be explained to us earlier? That's what you say now. Whom are you going to find out where we will find you again when you are done here? Who will we tell about our problem?, And rebelled against the situation they were subjected to. Hasan Gedikli said man Our word is the word of the state ”but he could not convince the apartment managers.

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