Bursaray stop expropriation studies created controversy

Bursaray stop expropriation studies created controversy
The ongoing expropriation work for the East Garage, planned to be built at the Kestel station of the Rail System, was controversial.
A recommendation from CHP people came to Bursaray station
Kestel CHP District Chairman Yıldıray Atlı, Municipal Assembly members Mustafa Aydın and Şükrü Aksu, two of the parcels and building owners to be expropriated by arguing that they are victims of two alternatives.
CHP voters, Kestel Feyzik Street Station in the Kestel Street or the Kestel İnegöl Road entry to the entrance of the Kestel Municipality, or a part of Kestel Plaza proposed proposed.
CHP District Chairman Yildiray Atli, called for the authorities to change the location of the station was inevitable.

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